"Racing Raspberry Tea Derby Day Cocktail"I’ll Have What She’s Having! Three Powerful Action Steps that will turn your Potential Clients into Paying Clients! By: Angel C. hale- Personal Life Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author

What if every time you entered a room people would say, “Wow, I want what she’s having!”  Do you think that might generate new clientele for your business?  You bet it would!  It’s called attraction and it is the most powerful tool in your business-growing toolkit.  Heck, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your life!

I want to be sure to clarify here…they aren’t thinking, “Boy I want what she’s selling,” they’re thinking, “I want what she’s having!”  You see, we are attracted to those people who exude a life, an attitude, and a spirit that reflects what we want for ourselves.  We want to be with and work with people who inspire, challenge or support us in our personal journey.  I buy things I “need” wherever it is most convenient for me and where I can trust in the quality of both customer service and products/services.  However, I buy what I “want” from people and businesses who I can get excited about.  I love telling my friends, family and clients about these people and businesses because I love what they add to my life.  I love the unique services/ products and/or inspiration they provide me.  Me, Me, Me!!!  Catch a theme there?  Yep, clients seek us out because of what we have to offer that can make “their life” better.

So how do we get people saying, “I’ll have what she’s having?”  It’s fairly simple and I have broken it down into three powerful action steps that really work:  First, Practice Extreme Self-care; Second, Master “Authentic Listening”; and Third, Take a Powerful Risk Everyday.

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