"WE Magazine for Women Spring 2011 Cover"“The true spirit of jazz is a joyous revolt from convention, custom, authority, boredom, even sorrow–from everything that would confine the soul of man and hinder its riding free on the air.” ~ J.A. Rogers, “Jazz at Home”

The moment that song came back to me, it occurred to me that WE needed to dedicate an issue of WE Magazine for Women to women in music. Because EVERY female musician I have met has just that; the music in them. It’s in their DNA. If you have never had the opportunity to know a musician, now is your chance to read the stories of 14 astounding women. When you do you will see what I mean. Their stories are full of life, love, happiness, some sadness and mostly amazing grace and passion.


These women’s stories will inspire you, warm your heart and make you want to “turn up the volume” because when you’ve “got the music in you,” it changes you, if only for the moment.

For most of us, music is an amazing experience. It brings back memories, it creates memories, it soothes, it inspires, it gives you wings to fly (remember R.Kelly’s song “I believe I can fly… but I digress), it moves you and it makes you want to move (or dance). So I invite you to put on your favorite tune, find a comfortable chair and read about these multi-talented women.

“Music brings out the lover, the fighter, the wanderer, the free spirited, the unruly, the true, the graceful and the creator in all of us.”

Special thanks to Joan Cartwright, Founder of Women in Jazz for coordinating the interviews with the ten women who performed on the Women in Jazz Music Collection CD including Jus’ Cynthia, Chrystal Sawyer, Melody Cole, Robin Avery, Bickley Rivera, Mizuri, KimJ, Jae Duncan, KJ Dehnert and of course Joan Cartwright.

Thanks to my dear friend Lauren Perez for introducing me to Sharon Marie Cline, to Britt Warner, with Anthony Mora Communications, Inc., for introducing me to Julie Gottlieb, to Facebook for reminding me of the beautiful Amy Barbera, and to Gail Smith a member of the Women’s Executive Club and a friend, each for allowing me to share their stories.

I have grown to love these 14 women as I am sure you will too. When you read their stories, you will feel as though you’ve known them all your lives.

“Music is romance incarnated and love re-incarnated.”


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In the words of the late, great Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong; “What a Wonderful World!

Your truly,