"By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life"Singer Wynonna Judd, Grammy award winner Alison Krauss, Arizona Cardinals linebacker Seth Joyner, NHL All-Star Kurt Sauer, as well as several NASCAR drivers have all tried it. Brainwave Optimization. “By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life, and be the limitless individuals we were born to be.” So writes Lee Gerdes, author of Limitless You and inventor of Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing.

Limitless You is a book about hope, choices, and boundless human potential. Thanks to advances in neuroplasticity, we now know that the brain can rewire its own network and thereby optimize its capabilities. Capitalizing on these advances, brain training, invites the brain to become more in tune with itself.

Brainwave Optimization is a proprietary, breakthrough neurotechnology that assesses brainwave patterns and provides personalized feedback to balance brain function. It serves to alleviate conditions like PTSD, anxiety, ADD, sleep disorders, stress, and can even assist in dieting.

Once our amazing brain discovers how it has established neural patterns that may have been necessary for our survival in the past but that limit us in the present, it readjusts itself. When the brain is balanced between its hemispheres and lobes, and its energy patterns from low to high are harmonized in each region of the brain, no part of our life remains unaffected.

As emotions stabilize and mental acuity picks up, health and physical well-being advance also. Clients report reduced post-traumatic stress disorder, relief of stress and anxiety, the ability to rid themselves of addictions, lessening of impulsivity, curbing of tendencies to anger and violence, diminishing of depression, and enhancement of the overall quality of their lives. Brain training is an especially ideal fit with more natural approaches to wellness and recovery programs.

By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life. Life no longer feels as if we are stepping on the gas while someone else is stepping on the brake. We can at last be the limitless individuals we were born to be.