By Jacqueline Wales

We live in a culture of fear that is only too real as people lose jobs, homes and bank accounts. But there is another kind of fear that is just as insidious, and is primarily imaginary.

The fear that lives in our minds.   Fear is imagination based.

We fear dying, we fear intimate relationships, we fear for our health, we fear for our finances, we fear for any number of things that have not yet happened. We spend too much time in the ‘what if’s’ of negativity, and not enough time with the ‘what if’s’ of abundance.

In your life, you have survived so many challenges, so many ordeals that have made you who you are. You have faced these challenges with courage, and when you step up to the events of your life, you thrive.  This is going beyond the fear and embracing the strength inside of you.  But many times you may feel you are merely surviving. Playing life at half-speed, afraid to really reach out and grab the baton of life.

So where are you in this equation? Are you thriving or surviving? What are you most afraid of?  Whatever it is, I can almost guarantee that it is not life threatening.  Lifestyle threatening perhaps, but not so bad it will take your life away.

If we can imagine the negative, how much more satisfying is it to imagine the positive. To dream and wish for something better in our lives.

There is so much in life to be grateful for.  Even the simple act of noticing the bird outside the window is the gift we can give ourselves each day.  Before I go to sleep, I write in my Gratitude Journal all of the events of the day that have inspired me, that have made me feel good about the contribution I made to the world I live in, or the people who extended a hand, or who in some small way made my life a little better.   Try it.  It’s remarkable after a few months how you forget the negatives when all you have in front of you are the wonders of your life.

When you step outside your culture of fear, you are taking charge of your own life. When you take responsibility for the way you want to feel, you will start to experience the joy and wonder of living a life of abundance.  You are creating the life you want.

So ask yourself this: Where are you holding onto the negatives in your life, and how would you like to live your life differently?  What would life look like if you refused to worry about the future?  Some would call it Pollyanna, thinking but we could all use a dose of that these days.  It certainly can’t make anything any worse than it already is.

Live YOUR life on your own terms. Dream of all that is possible and believe you hca have it. That’s all that counts.

Jacqueline Wales is considered by many to be The Fearless Lady.  Her unique programs have helped women around the globe develop strong personal success, confident communication and clear visions of their goals. She is the author of The Fearless Factor: Thriving Beyond the Jungle of Life:  When The Crow Sings, a semi-autobiographical novel, as well as several other compilations.  She is also the host of her radio show Fearlessly Speaking on Achieve Radio and the creator of The 10 Healthy Habits of Fun, Fearless People. You can learn more at and pick up your first Fearless Habit for free.