"How to Stay Married Longer"You want to view your fifties, or golden years, as a point in your life where you can try new things. No doubt as you were raising your children you had moments when you wished you had done something. This may have been to travel somewhere new, or you might have wished that you had taken up a particular sport or hobby. Now you have time to do all of these things. So why not pick one and try something new?

This can also be the perfect time to rediscover who you both are. For the last twenty years your lives have focused around work and kids, and just generating enough income to pay the bills each month.

Now you have the time to get to know each other again. Have you discussed what your goals and dreams are for your retirement years? Are you in a position to even retire early, now that you have fewer responsibilities?

Sit down together and discuss things such as:

•             Your personal goals

•             Your feelings, you may be feeling insecure

•             Spiritual goals

•             Your sex life

•             Your hopes and dreams for the next 10 years

•             Things you would like to do together and/or alone

•             Preparing for future support

•             Any health issues that may need more attention as you age

All of these things can help put some closeness back into your relationship. You may have forgotten things such as you both loved playing golf, tennis or swimming. As you rekindle your interests you can also add that spark of romance back into your relationship.