"How to Spice Up Your Love Life"Has the passion fizzled out in your relationship?  Here are some sure-fire ways on how to spice up your love life fast and furiously.

Remember when “date night” was just “dinner”? Maybe there was candlelight, flowers and restaurant reservations too.  But if you have little ones tugging at you all the time, pets, a home to maintain and full-time job that sucks the energy from you, time may be lacking major league. Good news: fitting a little romance into your daily routine (and remember, the small stuff adds up) can really happen. The key is to be creative, and pay attention to the details.

Have Your Own Sign  ~ There’s nothing that creates a two-some kind of connection more than your own private language. Think up a secret gesture that means “You are adorable,” “You are hot”, “I’m craving you,”or simply, “I love you.” Doesn’t matter where you are or whose company you’re in.  Your partner will understand your secret message totally.

P.D.A. ~ Who doesn’t love being the recipient of open affection?  Wherever you are … hold hands, touch lips lightly, hug tenderly.  Always remember how that was all you needed between the two of you to get your heart racing.

Flirt in the A.M. ~  You may not be a morning person but nothing starts the day off right, than a little flirtation.  Do it before you get out of bed like: nibble on his ear, pinch his butt, kissing him on the lips tenderly despite his morning breath and then saying, “Morning good looking.”

Let the Cell Work for You ~ Sending a “You’re Hot”, “Luv You Muchly”, “You Rock My World” text for no reason at all will get you major points.  Or, if you call and it goes to voice mail, use your sexy voice and leave him a thrilling message that will leave him anxious and wanting more.

Tell Him Why ~ When you’re sharing in an intimate moment together, whisper to him the reasons why you love him.  It may seem corny, but he’ll love it just the same especially if each reason given is ended with a long and slow seductive kiss.

Make a Fuss ~ Praising someone usually falls short.  We tend to take the little things for granted.  Go the extra mile and break out a bottle of champagne or fix a special dinner when your partner accomplishes landing a client, getting a promotion, loses weight, finishes a special project etc.  The acknowledgment will warm their hearts.

Say it With a Note ~ This is one thing we always forget …. leaving a note of affection for the one we love whether it’s on a post-it, napkin, scrap paper or in the form of a cute card.  We all love finding that little surprise tucked in a drawer, in our gym bag or lunch box, on our pillow or posted where we’ll find it easily.

Cuddle Time ~ Set your alarm clock earlier for a quickie or just to snuggle before your hectic day begins.  It goes a long way to keeping that connection alive.

Gifting for No Reason ~ The simplest gestures go the furthest and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  It’s the little things that matter like a gas card, a book he’d like, uploading songs to his iPod he might like … anything you know will put a smile on his face.

You can make room for romanceAll it takes is just a little creativity and time.