Interview with Lorraine Cohen of Powerfull Living was excellent. 

Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen is CEO and founder of Powerfull Living. With more than 20 years experience in life coaching, psychological counseling and sales, Lorraine works with spiritually-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, service professionals, and consultants. Recognized as a cutting-edge expert in her field, Lorraine coaches people to create a profitable business, meaningful career, and fulfilling life by aligning with their spirit. An expert in breaking through fear and removing barriers to success, she shows people how to get unstuck; to break through the confusion and roadblocks so that they move forward in all areas of their life. A sought after speaker, writer and broadcaster, Lorraine hosts her own internet radio shows: Powerfull Living Radio and Compelling Conversations Series for Powerfull Living with leaders in the field of business development, personal growth and spirituality.


About this session:


Could you use a little (or a lot) more publicity to spread the word about your Small Business? If so, then be sure to tune in to this teleseminar! In this 30 minute interview Lorraine will talk about the Key qualities that make guests great, how to distinguise yourself as an expert using interviews, common mistakes to avoid when being interviewed, how to leverage guest appearances to generate income, build credibility and grow your lists… and more. You can listen to the interview here:

Afterwards check out Lorraine’s program that begins  on May 27 – Changing Lives Using Radio & Teleseminar Interviews, 5-week mentorship program with broadcaster Lorraine Cohen Do you have a product or service you want to bring to a larger audience? Do you have a message you are bursting to deliver to enrich people’s lives? What would it be like if you had a greater opportunity to make a difference in the world? Imagine the legacy you could create by inspiring people to experience more joy, prosperity, and success in all areas of their life by sharing your heart, wisdom, and gifts… Learn a step-by-step road map to prepare your radio and teleseminar presentations as well as finding the right venues. Register now and instantly save $50 by using the coupon code RADIO when you checkout. Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm EST. Get more info here:

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