Simple, Healthy Barley Salad by Claudia Meydrech


You’ll Need:

* 1/2 lb. dried barley (1/2 a 1 lb. bag)
* Water
* Few Tablespoons of Olive Oil
* Vinegar to taste
* Dried Dill (you can use fresh if you like, but dried mixes better)
* 1/4 cup chopped Onion – any kind you like
* 1 cup cubed Tomato
* 1/2 cup chopped Pepper – green, red or any mild type that you like
* Sea Salt
* Ground Pepper
* Optional: A little Italian Dressing if it’s not “tasty” enough for you

And here’s what you do (easier than it looks at first glance):

* Clean the barley well in a colander running water through it and
removing any bits that don’t belong
* Put barley in pan, cover with water so there is a couple of inches
of water over barley
* Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, set your timer for 30 to 45
* Check the barley when timer goes off, taste a little to see if you
like the consistency
* Rinse the barley again with cold water to cool
* Sit for a bit to drain
* Put in the bowl you intend to serve it in.
* Stir in the Olive Oil right away to coat the barley
* Add vinegar to taste – don’t overdo
* Add Dill quite liberally, stir in, there should be flecks of green
on all your barley grains
* Add Chopped Onion, tomato and peppers (stir in each item as you add)
* Season with the remaining ingredients to taste (if you want to add
a touch of sweetness, add a little Stevia

Cover, and refrigerate until you are ready to eat. On hot days, I make this in the cool of the morning as it requires boiling. I like to make it early and refrigerate for a while so the flavors blend. You may also want to boil the grains during the cool hours the evening before.
Claudia L. Meydrech, CN is the Happy Nutritionist. You can find out more about Claudia at: and