In a long term relationship and feeling celebratory as the holiday season approaches? But are you discovering that while the notion of intimacy is top of mind, you have lost that loving feeling, even though you are happily together with your long term partner? You are not alone. Close to half of all women complain of similar concerns. What can you do to ignite new sparks and have the sexiest holiday season ever?

More than anything else this holiday season, your dream is to have a more satisfying relationship with your partner, but the passion seems to have dwindled. Worse yet, while the holiday spirit is high, the dark, dank days may be more of a match for your dulled desire. Why? Underlying causes may be prescription medcations including oral contraceptives, anti depressants, anti hypertension meds, and others, all unknowingly undermining your sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction, and real chance of holiday pleasure.

Avoidance of getting closer may be caused by new feeling of sexual discomfort due to vaginal dryness, interfering with intimacy and satisfaction.

Holiday rush and everyday stress may make sleep a luxury. And, being overtired can undercut the romance in any relationship. Time to make your bedroom a haven for restful slumber by removing any and all electronic distractions. Create an ambiance, and help restore divine connection and sexual pleasure in your relationship.

Fall in love with him all over again. Use the season to be more attentive. Hold his hand..and whisper in his ear. Put holiday shopping on hold and plan a getaway intimacy weekend. to a romantic but festive location. Doing something new, different and unexpected may help increase those “feel good” brain chemicals (dopamine,norepinephrine, and oxytocin) and make you feel more romantically interested.

Give yourself a “romance to the rescue” gift to heat up holidays under the sheets…for an all new you for holidays into the new year.

This little trio is guaranteed to give your romance a real boost. Best of all, it’s a great little stocking stuffer or Hanukah gift for your favorite girlfriend who may be suffering in silence…but needs more fulfillment and satisfaction in her life, too. (Men, it’s a great sexy little surprise for the woman in your life)


Get a head start and make the loving last longer, and feel more satisfying. No prescription required.

Check out the number one topically applied essential arousal oil leading doctors and health professionals are recommending for great sex effortlessly.

Zestra, backed by two clinical studies, is a patented blend of botanical oils and natural extracts…and it’s hormone-free, too.. Clinically proven to boost dulled desire, arousal and satisfaction in 70 percent of women who use it. Now, women can repair mismatched libidos with a safe, proven and effective product. Uniquely formuated with such natural ingredents as PA free borage seed oil, evening primrose oil, angelica Extract, coleus forskholii extract, theobromine, and enriched with Vitamins C and E. Within minutes, women feel the Zesta Rush.

Pair it with all new Glide, a topical lubricating lotion to naturally replace lost lubrication down under without any vaginal irritation or burning.

Set the mood with a delicately scented, beautifully romantic Zestra purple candle…and feel the sparks of romance return and the holiday loving begin.

Find out more about what you can do to sustain the loving and help your relationship continue to evolve for the sexiest season ever.

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