Reaching your peak is best done with the help of others. Nobody can go it alone.  You need support, mentorship at times, companionship, and friendship. None of that will be easy without knowing how to understand people first.

Gaining personal power is a journey into finding yourself, discovering what drives you, finding the motivation, your life’s purpose, your mission. It is a lifelong journey. Others have yet to start their self-discovery adventure.

To get ahead and reach your goals, you will need people around you to support you and help you grow.

4 Rules that Lead to Others Helping You Get Ahead in Life

  1. Be Good at Something

People value people who are valuable. Being good at something makes you valuable. You become an asset to others. There is more to learning enough about anything to become good at it though, not just the skills. It’s the practice it takes to get good. That takes discipline and commitment, which are both strong traits to develop in yourself.

  1. Listen to Both What People Say and How

Body language can tell you more about how a person feels more than the words they use. The hardest part is hearing what you are told when it doesn’t feel comfortable.

Listen attentively to all your critics because those people care. When people stop giving you constructive criticism, it could mean they have given up telling you that you’re doing something wrong, or they may feel you don’t care. Anyone can listen to criticism. Not everyone can accept it and say ‘you are right!”.

  1. Apologize When You Make Mistakes

When you do wrong by someone – no matter how big or small a mistake you make – be accountable. Apologize with sincerity. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t always sufficient. If it’s a huge mistake, that should be followed by what you plan to do so it never happens again.

People value honesty and integrity. Show them you are accountable and own your errors. It’s part of being human.

  1. Find the Best in Everyone You Interact With

There are no good people and bad people. Good people make bad decisions. Some learn from them fast, others it can take years of constant inner conflict before they realize they need to sort their life out. Pessimists can change their attitude, and people you feel have the worst intentions, can surprise you.

Be valuable, a good listener, accountable and always look for the good in everyone. You will radiate positive energy, and that will make you approachable. Then, people will be open to helping you.