Shopping during the winter holidays can be hectic. Malls are crowded with other shoppers, trying to shove items into their carts and scratch things off their gift lists. Online sellers are claiming that items are flying off their digital shelves, and you’ll have to buy quickly before everything disappears. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and make some simple shopping mistakes. 

Don’t worry. You can always fix your mistakes.

Mistake: You’re Not Sure If They Will Like the Gift

There are times when you’re 100% positive that you found the right gift for someone, and there are times when you’re only 50% sure that they’ll like it — the other half of you wonders if their face will fall when they tear off the wrapping paper and open up the box. 

If you’re not sure that a person will absolutely adore the gift you bought them, make sure to include the receipt with the gift. As long as the item isn’t a ‘final sale,’ they should be able to return the gift for cash or store credit if they don’t want it. 

Mistake: The Gift Won’t Arrive in Time

You’ve made the classic shopping mistake of purchasing an item from an online retailer too close to the holidays and you’ve realized that the shipment is going to take way longer than you thought. 

Online retailers are inundated with purchases at this time of year, which means that your item may not be delivered to your address immediately. Even if the retailer sends out your item right away, your package might still be subjected to seasonal shipping delays — especially when it’s being sent from overseas. 

So, what can you do if your gift won’t arrive in time for Christmas? Whatever you do, don’t show up to a celebration empty-handed. Give the person a card and let them know what present is coming for them. If you can, print out a picture and description of the item that you ordered. Doing this will give them something to open up during the celebration, and it will give them something to look forward to in the weeks ahead. 

Mistake: You Forgot to Buy Something for Them

In the haze of holiday shopping, you forgot to get a present for someone. Now, it’s too late — most of the stores are closed, and you don’t want to show up to a celebration with nothing for them. Don’t rush to the nearest gas station or corner store to try and wrangle a cheap, last-minute gift. Instead, get them a digital gift card! 

If they’re a real bookworm, order them a digital gift card for Barnes & Noble, Amazon or one of the independent bookstores nearby. If they can’t go a single day without buying a cup of coffee, get them an e-gift card for Starbucks, Dunkin’ or one of the independent coffee shops nearby. As long as you know their email address, you can send them this great gift in the nick of time!

Mistake: You Spent Way Too Much

You didn’t make a spending budget, and after all of your holiday shopping, you’ve realized that you spent way more than you could afford to. Now, your financial situation is not that great. Your credit card balance is steep, and your savings are completely drained. 

You’ll want to recover from this money mistake as soon as possible. If you can, take some gifts that you didn’t need to buy and return them to put some money back in your pocket. This is another reason to hold onto receipts! Then, see what other ways you can recoup your savings for the time being, like using coupons when purchasing groceries or thrifting clothes instead of purchasing brand-new items. Slowly but surely, you can bring yourself back to your usual financial state.

One of the big problems with overspending during the holidays is that you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to any surprise expense that pops up. So, if you suddenly have car trouble or you need to have an urgent dentist appointment, you might not be able to cover the bills with what’s left in your bank account. 

In this scenario, you might consider a borrowing solution. A borrowing solution like a line of credit loan could give you access to credit when you need it — like when you’re dealing with an emergency expense. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a line of credit loan online. You just might get approved for one. Borrowing solutions like this should only be used in emergencies — they shouldn’t be used for everyday expenses or non-essentials, like your holiday shopping. 

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t get down on yourself for not nailing your holiday shopping this year. Follow these tips and fix those pesky mistakes!


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