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"How to Dress in Accordance with Your Personality?"Even though blessed with rationale, an individual is strongly driven by his/her feelings as well. And out of many factors which influence his/her behavior, is the kind of clothes he/she wears and his/her appearance in front of others.

Our society is governed by numerous thumb rules to which we easily succumb to (with pleasure) and the code of dressing is one of them. And the truth is that people appreciate as well as accept others in accordance to the way they are dressed up. So clothes do influence our behavior. For instance, when we visit any high-end restaurant, we act more elegant and calm than usual. Obviously, it is our clothes which alter our manners as it enables us to play another character in consideration of place, time as well as occasion.

Style, of course is significant and to be equally positive as well as authentic, one should dress in accordance to his/her personality. And though it may sound easy, most of us find it astoundingly difficult to seek out perfect clothes which truly represent our persona.

This article talks about how to find those perfect dresses which is in accordance with your personality:

When you start dressing in accordance with your personality, your existence will change for real in many ways:

  • You’ll save time:Don’t need to stand in front of your closet each time wondering what to wear.
  • You’ll save money: You won’t waste money on buying those useless clothes anymore and invest on something which you utterly love.
  • Feel amazing and fabulous:You’ll appear younger, lean as well as healthier instantly and get some genuine compliments. Feel real confident, comfortable as well as gorgeous in your own skin than you’ve felt, ever before.

Now the million dollar question is – How to find that perfect Dressing?

For those, who possess original ideas and have huge enthusiasm to implement those in order to achieve desired goals. For those, who can speedily scan through the patterns in outdoor events and build up long-range clarifying perspectives. For those, who’re independent and though skeptical, possess high levels of performance and competence – We recommend:

  • Ultra-modern or performance-enhancing clothing must be your outfit foundation.
  • Comfort should be the focal point.
  • Clothing with patterns is a must.
  • Always carry a purse or a handbag.
  • Avoid brand names.
  • Look for clothes with pockets, slits and mesh.

For those, who seek sense and correlation in relationships, ideas and wish for material possessions. For those, who wish to value motivation and are quite insightful regarding others. For those, who are reliable and are firm on their values. Build up a crystal clear vision about how to serve the common in the best of ways. And who’re very organized and quite decisive to implement their vision – We recommend:

  • Choose sheer garments instead of opaque.
  • Think about wearing a one-piece overalls or jumpers.
  • Vibrantly accessorize.
  • Always match colors as well as patterns.
  • Clothes should be layered.
  • Opt for shoes with lifts, heels, wedges or platforms.
  • Wear a ribbon, bracelet, t-shirt or hat representing a cause.
  • Opt for loose fitting attires.

For those tolerant and flexible ones, they acquire a realistic approach intended on instant outcomes. For those who don’t believe in theories and abstract justifications – they wish to act vigorously to solve the crisis. For those who focus on the present, are quite spontaneous and take pleasure in each moment they live in – they also believe in material style as well as comforts. We recommend:

  • Sexier apparels particularly that are made of materials which can stretch such as jersey or a knit.
  • Wear religious or traditional array of accessories from any culture.
  • Proudly embrace exquisite brands, logos and other lavishness.
  • Effortlessly choose delicate and more attractive attires over more robust or functional dresses.
  • Experiment to wear things inside out.
  • And whenever you feel like, just adjourn to the latest trends.

And for those vibrant ones who’re friendly, outgoing and accepting – they are ardent lovers of life as well as luxuries and comforts. They take pleasure in working with others and believe in making things happen. For those who easily derive common sense and bring sensible approach to their jobs – they are spontaneous as well as flexible and readily adapt to new surroundings and people. They are quick learners and we recommend them:

  • Clothes which are sparkly, shiny, brightly colored as well as preppy and can even be floral print.
  • Can opt for athletic team shades.
  • Go for versatility and vibrancy.
  • Incorporate your wardrobe with hiking or climbing gear as well as ingredients of costume.
  • Think about gymnastic wears.
  • Dress like you’re young forever.


We do genuinely hope that the article will enormously assist you in recognizing your entire inner space and will help you to choose the perfect attire with elegant color flavor which in turn will make you a head turner as well as stand out in a crowd.

Bio – Lisa Coffey is a fashion and beauty editor who has worked for many fashion websites such as  She is sharp, savvy editor with both print and online experience. Lisa has also consulted and launched numerous start-up sites collaborated with extensive re-designs on established sites. Lisa is based in Los Angeles and has a charismatic personality with a sharp and creative eye who can inspire women to feel wonderful and positive from the inside-out.