However, the see-saw play of push notifications can go either way – the good or the bad. 

If there is a section of people who take advantage of these messages by availing the best offers, other people might find them annoying and distracting. 

This is why knowing the best practices related to push notifications marketing strategies is crucial for the success and growth of any business. 

So if you are not aware yet, here is how you can use the power of web push notifications correctly and to your best advantage. 

Read on. 

What consists of web push notifications?

For being able to strategize your business and marketing around a kind of technology, it is imperative that you should know how that technology operates and if there are any limitations attached to it. 

So here is the anatomy of website push notifications

  • They are permission-based: One of the most important factors to consider while working with web push notifications is that unlike app-based push notifications they require permission from users to be activated. 

When a user visits a website, they are greeted by a pop-up message to either “Allow” or “Block” notifications from that website. And only if the user clicks on “Allow” will they start receiving push notifications from your site.

  • They are trigger-based: Besides their need for permission, they basically work as mobile and app-based notifications only. So whether or not the user has your website open, they will still receive them on either trigger or schedule basis.
  • Users can opt-out: Users always have the authority to block these notifications anytime they like. That is, to retain a maximum number of users, you must maintain the time and frequency of these notifications. 

How to make the best out of browser support?

For instance, out of all the major browsers, push notifications are enabled in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Whereas, on mobile-based web push notifications are only enabled in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. 

So while considering your target audience, their browsing habits will matter a lot. Additionally, if you are working with PWA or Progressive Web Apps, then web push notification will play a vital part in your applications. 

How to Correctly Use Web Push Notifications to Your Advantage"

In what ways can you use Web Push Notifications?

There are a number of ways in which you can use web push notifications. Some of the ways are as follows:

  1. Social networking platforms, like Facebook, use personalized web push notification for displaying new messages and notifications of other activities that the users might be subscribed to. 
  2. Online News Channels, such as Washington Post, use these notifications for pushing the latest news out to the users who have subscribed to their services. 
  3. Many e-commerce platforms use web push notifications to convey messages about limited sales or discount offers to their customers. They also use these notifications to re-engage dormant customers with messages like, “Haven’t seen you in a while. Here are the offers you don’t want to miss”, which may be even personalized according to their part on-page activities. 
  4. Some e-commerce channels also push these notifications out to remind customers about the products that they may have left in the cart for shopping later. This tactic especially works the best in reducing cart abandonment issues substantially. 
  5. Content marketing is one of the ways to use web push notifications. At the most basic level, companies inform their subscribers about the new release of articles, videos, etc. These kinds of notifications are generally personalized as per the users. 
  6. Another big use of these notifications is made by enterprises for internal communications of the organization, like, meeting times and other urgent matters.
  7. eLearning browser notifications are another way of using push notifications, which have been proven quite helpful for institutes and elearning companies that develop and sell eLearning courses.


Web push notifications can prove to be highly beneficial for any business because they can be used in different ways. And since they demand immediate action and are sent in the most accessible ways, it is vital to include them in your marketing strategies. 


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