Being a motorcyclist mommy is an exciting proposition as the experience is thrilling, convenient, and cost-effective. You need not depend on your partner or take public transport to drop your kids to school or shop for groceries. Two-wheelers are far more convenient than cars as you can take them anywhere, so it is easy to avoid high-traffic streets. Not to mention, you can trim monthly fuel costs that tend to overload your family budget. But riding a motorcycle with kids entails some risks because two-wheelers are inherently risky. However, you can cut these risks by being more aware and conscious while on the road. Here are some tips to become a super-safe motorcyclist mommy. 

Stick with road safety rules

Every rider should prioritize road safety, but you have extra responsibility if there is a kid on the pillion. Stick with the traffic rules every time you are on the road, with or without kids. Always adhere to the speed limits and never break the signals. Some states like Texas have rules regarding the age of children who can ride a bike. Make sure you know the regulations in your state to be on the right side of the law. The last thing you want is to be apprehended by the police when riding with a child. It will set a bad example for the kid, so make sure you are a step ahead of the rules. Most importantly, following them can avert accidents and keep your kids safe.

Ensure proper gear for the kids

Motorcycle riders should never hit the road without proper safety gear, even while riding next door. Helmets are lifesavers for two-wheeler riders because they are most susceptible to head injuries in mishaps. Wearing a helmet is equally crucial for young passengers because they need extra protection for their delicate heads. Buy a well-fitted helmet for the child and ensure they never ride without it. You may also buy a safety harness for additional protection. Guide the kid about positioning themselves securely on the seat. Ensure they hold tight throughout the ride. Avoid riding at a high speed when you have a kid on board. 

Be aware of the possibility of mishaps

Even the most careful riders may get into a mishap when another driver or rider is negligent. Mommy motorcyclists need to be aware of the possibility of mishaps as they can happen at any time. In fact, you must know how to deal with a critical situation. Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe injuries, so make sure you get help right away. Take the child to a doctor even if nothing seems amiss. You must partner with a motorcycle accident attorney to seek compensation for the damage in the accident. Include the child’s injuries, cost of pain and suffering, and loss of income while calculating the compensation value you rightfully deserve.

Get optimal insurance coverage

Every rider must get adequate coverage with the right insurance policies. Pick a policy that offers optimal cover without pressing your budget. Motorcycles are high-risk vehicles, so coverage costs can go higher than you imagine. You can find a good deal by shopping around. It makes sense to spend a bit more on a coverage policy because motorcycle mishaps can lead to severe injuries requiring expensive treatment. Spend on insurance to get peace of mind for a small price. 

Have additional forms of transportation

Being a mom, you may find motorcycle riding convenient because it saves time and money. But you cannot always rely on a two-wheeler to take your kids out. For example, you will need a car when commuting during bad weather conditions like rain and storm. Likewise, you cannot take the entire family on a bike ride when you have a bigger one. Reserve the motorcycle for solo rides , nearby destinations, and safe-weather days. Use a family car for ample space and bad weather days. You may also ride a cab or opt for public transport. Listen to your instincts and pick the transportation according to the situation. 

Riding a motorcyclist as a mom brings a mix of convenience and responsibility. The ease of rides is unmatched, but you cannot go slack with the safety. You can get the best of both worlds by being a conscious rider. Consider the smallest thing that can make a difference to road safety. This way, you can enjoy the riding experience with gear or guilt of getting into an accident. Follow these tips, and rest assured about the safety of your kids every time you are on the road. 


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