By Cynthia Renee Frazier 

Many home based businesses look and feel small when they don’t have to.  Today, it is quite easy to leverage technology and a host of new tools to quickly turn a small, relatively new company into a bigger more competitive business. 

Sound Big on the Phone  “You have reached ABC business. We are either on the phone or helping a client. Please leave a message and someone will return your call.”  This voice mail greeting sounds like a one person office. To present a bigger image, there are several phone options available. A virtual receptionist can receive, screen and forward calls giving your company a big business service at an affordable price. The virtual receptionist can make calls and schedule appointments.  Another option is to combine software with a voice over to get a crisp clean professional sound that routes callers to the sales or marketing department. Look Big Online 

Even though 63% of small businesses say that having an up to date website improves their company image, few actually have an effective site that looks and feels like a professional corporate company.  Gone are the days when a website is a mere electronic brochure.  An effective small business site can generate leads, represent multiple streams of income, analyze visitors’ browsing habits for improving conversion rates, conduct valuable feedback surveys, and train potential clients how to purchase your products and services.

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