… or Event using your P.H.D.  By Teresa Morrow

When you hear this acronym you are probably thinking about a doctor…well, that is not the subject of this post.

This PHD acronym stands for Passion, Hope and Drive; three characteristics of many successful authors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike.

If you talk with successful professionals such as authors or entrepreneurs , you will hear more times than not, “I love what I do because I decided to live my passion every day.” When you have passion for what you doing, your daily routine flows with more ease because it creates a less stressful environment. You become excited about new possibilities, connections and growth for your business. And when you are doing what you love, it radiates outward to others, which continues to elevate the positive energy around you.

Another thing to hold close when you are in a business is hope. No one said it would be easy or give your guarantees, however, when you fuel hope within your business an amazing thing happens…it spreads. What did worrying about something solve anyway? Not much. You need to keep hope alive within your business and it will carry you through some difficult times. When you come from a more positive outlook, and seek out resolutions instead of dwelling on problems, new things can emerge for you and your business. The uplifting feeling of hope you show to others will people towards you because hope breeds hope .

The next component of your PHD is drive. This can come in the product from your passion. Many times when you are passionate about your dreams, ideas or thoughts, you will be driven to keep going because you believe, you know within yourself, it will work out. You keep placing one foot in front of the other and continue to look for alternative ways to make things work. Finding new ways to create, develop and achieve those elements of your business will help you to success.

Now is the time to obtain your P.H.D. Seek out those things in your life where your passion starts bursting out of you. Find strength in the hope to know that your passion will happen and allow your drive to show you the path to success.

Teresa Morrow is a Editor-At-Large for WE Magazine for Women and monthly blogger for Book Buzzr. Teresa is the owner of Key Business Partners, LLC, a online book promotion company for authors. She has combined her three passions: reading, writing and relationship building within her business. Email her at keybusinesspartners@gmail.com to schedule a 20 minute free consultation. Teresa is currently working on her first book, which will be published in late 2010/early 2011. Teresa currently lives near Tampa, FL with her husband and daughter.