How Surveys Stimulate Your Sexual Brain

"How Surveys Stimulate Your Sexual Brain"Want to make a product sound sexy, even when it’s got nothing to do with sex? Not a problem, according to the latest report from online marketer Ken McGaffin of

In “How Surveys Stimulate Your Sexual Brain”, Ken shows just how everyday brands use sex surveys to attract and seduce customers. Brands like:

  • The US Travel Association saying that couples who travel together have better sex
  • on claiming that being an entrepreneur improves your sex life.
  • Or the Scottish Medical Journal saying that kilts make you more fertile and masculine.
  • Or Spotify claiming that music is more sensual than touch during sex.

Are these results reliable? It doesn’t actually matter, says Ken; the point is that it got their brand noticed.

“In our research, we ignored brands selling condoms, sex toys and dating services, and looked for everyday brands that had commissioned sex surveys,” said Ken. “We found plenty – brands like the US Travel Association, Spotify, Special K, Telenav and And they attracted media attention from the BBC, LATimes, CBS, MSN, Inc. Magazine and many more.

“This is all a bit of fun, where everybody wins – the media gets good copy, the brand gets exposure and the public gets a bit of titillation.

But do such surveys help sell product? Yes, says Ken. “So I read a survey from the US Travel Association that says a short getaway sparks romance. That prompts me to remember a weekend with my wife in Paris last year, and I imagine that another break would be good. Those thoughts get me excited, reduces my resistance and I reach for the credit card before I know it.”

There’s a three step process that we can find almost irresistible:

  • Our primal brain is attracted to sex in the headlines
  • Our emotional brain kicks in and becomes aroused
  • Finally, because we’re aroused, we’re more susceptible to persuasion and more ready to buy.

“The conclusion is that everyday brands that associate themselves with sex through surveys benefit in at least two ways: first, they get decent media coverage for their brand and second, they get us excited, lower our resistance and seduce us into buying their products.


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