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How Success is Defined

By Liz Cosline

Success is talked about throughout society and people seem to be working towards being successful with almost every job that is done. It is interesting that people even decide at an early age at times which profession will be looked at as a successful one. A prestigious job so to speak is one that seems to say successful by just the title. Certain titles are accepted as indicating that a person has made it to the top. This is great and means a person has worked hard to get that title in most cases. But this doesn’t always make a person successful. There are examples where poor jobs were done by people with impressive titles. There are also examples where people are doing well financially and yet others have little respect for these people.  We have also seen people without titles doing an incredible and note worthy job. Success also is often gauged in regards to careers or the workplace.

However the workplace is not the only gauge of success. Sometimes people spend so much time at work that the home structure suffers. It seems they have no time for family or simply having fun.  Is this success? Or at times people are late for work a lot or do not complete the job in a correct manner. That can’t be success. Success is at times gauged by awards but this is a fleeting reward though terrific for a good job, but it never means a person can stop there. Plus a person can be a success without ever receiving an award.

Success is something that must be decided individually. The workplace can assist in this in explaining what is wanted and needed at the job but it will really be the person doing the job that see reward in this work. Each day this is done is a success for the day. Success needs to have the home life included in its definition seeing that life is also dealt with there. There needs to be a balance of fun and relaxation in regards to life and to evaluate success. When one aspect is sacrificed for another aspect of life though someone may seem successful, sometimes the price is too high.  A balance in life is thrown off and aspects of life will be missed.  I don’t know of anyone that got to the end of life and said he or she wished they had worked more.  There needs to be a balance.
When looking at success a person needs to take into consideration the happiness that will come from the life lived. If there is not a balance in regards to life something will fail along the way. There will be regrets of experiences missed or lost. Instead there should be definition realized of all the aspects of life that a person wishes to have included that explains the success wanted. One area of life should not get all the attention while sacrificing other areas. Friends and family also need attention. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other.

About the Author:  Liz Cosline – Life Ownership Coach – certified. In business management over 23 years receiving several awards.

She has  books published, articles published, poetry, about life challenges , team building techniques, and reaching personal goals.    She now coaches people and teams to the success of goals and dreams with a program that has 30 years of research behind it.

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