“I compare it to being in a car accident. There’s so much adrenaline rushing through you that you remember being in the accident but you don’t remember any of the details.” Brooke Langton 

Unfortunately, the world lives with a misconception that women drivers lead to severe car accidents. Whereas, the statistics speak some other stories. As per IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), men caused more than 71% of the dangerous car accidents that happened in the United States while women caused 29% of life casualties in car accident cases. 

In addition to this, more men below 34 years die in car speed crashes and other types of car accidents as compared to women falling in the same age bracket. Reports say that the most common reason behind it is drink and drive cases that make people see the worse. 

Well, this was about the United States only. When talking about the global stats, men account for more than 73% of road traffic deaths which is three times higher than women’s involvement in such accident cases. 

So, what is the final take on this?

The above stats prove that women drivers aren’t the reason behind major damaging car accidents. But at the same time, women tend to remain unaware of what to do exactly when involved in a car accident. In case you are one of those women who desire to seek details about it, then you can’t afford to miss these important steps. 

A detailed process for women about handling a car accident – 

Step 1 – Check for injuries or physical damage. 

Look if you are injured or not. If required, dial 911 immediately and look if you have caused damage to the other person’s car or health. To be productive and effective help in such circumstances, you can carry a handy first aid box in your car. 

Step 2 – Safety measures 

Luckily, if you are fine or able to move, try clearing the path as it may hinder others’ driving way. If possible, bring the damaged vehicles on the sidewalk while looking after the injured person, if any. 

Step 3 – Dial 911 

No matter if it is a minor or major collision, calling the cops and attorney is a must. But before anything else, it would be great if you call 911 and request emergency help. While you make necessary arrangements to look after the injured person in the other vehicle, take the required steps to get exceptional service from these car accident attorneys to safeguard yourself from legal troubles. 

In case the cops can’t reach the spot immediately, you can file an official complaint about the call.

Step 4 – Wait for help to arrive. 

Turn off the car engine and turn on the hazard lights to keep people aware of the incident. Here, you can use your emergency car kit to warn people to drive safely and slowly . While you do this, try to heal yourself and the other injured person using the first aid box. 

Step 5 – Exchange details 

In case the other driver is conscious enough to talk and respond, you should exchange the necessary information to proceed legal and other insurance-related formalities at its best. These details may include – 

  1. Insurance company and policy number, if any 
  2. Full name with contact details and address 
  3. Location of the accident 
  4. Driver’s license number 
  5. Vehicle plate number 
  6. Model, manufacturer, color, type and other major specifications of the vehicle 
  7. Damaged done 

Generally, cops and car accident attorneys proceed the case and present it in front of the court after penning down and verifying these details. 

Step 6 – Get ready with documents. 

In order to safeguard yourself in the car accident case, you must follow the documentation process including – 

  1. Identification of the officers like – badge no., name, number, etc. 
  2. Get a copy of the car accident report. 
  3. Click pictures and share it with your insurer as soon as possible. 
  4. Record witnesses’ overview of the incident 

The last line – 

Car accidents are no less than a traumatic experience shaking up your world for a while or probably for many years to come. The kind of car accident experience you go through depends on the intensity, damage and location. Legal proceedings and involvement of the law vary depending on the circumstances. 

No matter severe or intense, seeking legal help keeps you away from legal troubles. Therefore, make sure to consult a car accident attorney that is capable enough to lead and manage your case on the legal front on your behalf. 

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