By Lori Ann Robinson

Having a positive attitude and maintaining an upbeat appearance brightens your life and is encouraging to family and friends. Over the years, I have clothed people of all ages and body shapes. Some of the most astonishing and inspirational women were the ladies that had the maturity and confidence. These are the women who are comfortable in their own skin and know they are NOT getting older just BETTER with age.

Some of the biggest challenges I hear from my clients are finding clothes that are wearable (not looking like you are wearing your daughters or granddaughters) modern clothes that fit your lifestyle, figure and budget.

Color is important to ageless beauty. It makes us look younger or older, heavier or thinner, lively or dowdy and it magnifies our inner beauty.

Wear only the colors that attract compliments, and make you feel confident and happy.

Dark colors bring out facial shadows magnifying wrinkles and imperfections.Use light or brighter colors around the face to reflect light and soften lines. Try a light scarf or a necklace if you are wearing a dark outfit.

Using monochromatic colors are very figure friendly. They will make you look long and lean

The bright colors look the best when mixed with neutral. Wear the brighter colors if they fit with your personality and comfort zone.

Bright colors are best on the areas you want to emphasize, while mid- tones are better on your so-so spots, and of course keep it dark on the not- so- hot areas.

If you like your comfort zone of neutrals, you can always add a touch of color with accessories to add some punch and pizzazz.

At the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take a look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is the person you want to be.

If not, then perhaps it is time to to take action, make strategic changes and have 2011 be one of your best years.

Lori Ann Robinson, President of LAR Consultants is an Image and Fashion Consultant in Burbank, California. You can learn more at