By Clara Freeman

Warren Buffet’s advice to LeBron James, “always follow your gut” seems to be what propelled me from a restless attempt at sleep to a morning of purpose and resolve to get the job done in the Spring of 2008. As writers, we oftentimes filter images of accomplishing our dreams and goals from start to finish in our heads. We have already written the story before actually placing fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper. How great for creatives as we allow our imaginations to do the work for us!

Having a vision to doing great works is a positive step in the creative process, however, it takes action to move things forward and get the job done.

Oftentimes the effort to to educate, entertain, provoke action and bring about awareness can become a daunting task, at best. Oprah Winfrey is famous for encouraging those “aha” moments of clarity in life where seemingly a bulb goes off in our mind and we’re suddenly enlightened; aware of what we should and shouldn’t be doing in order to bring about our growth and personal development. It’s no different with writers. In 2004, I read a wonderful book by Kathleen A. Brehony called Awakening To Midlife. It was in that time of reading and reflecting that my own “Aha” moment began.

Ms. Brehony, a psychologist, tackled the transitions into midlife for both women and men. More of interest, she addressed women issues of change that ultimately occurs as we age. I felt while reading this book that I wanted to know more, learn more about this journey to reawakening because I knew I was in the very throes of self- discovery. I also knew that the uncertainty that was plaguing me, was affecting other women in transition as well. I was reacting from living life experiences and a need to find my “truth.” My purpose then was to educate myself. Allow myself to embrace the pain of yesteryears. Acknowledge the joys of life experiences. Make no apologies for the mistakes I’d made, but, ultimately learn from them and let it go.

I found, over the years that I was adapt at lending an ear to other women caught up in the unforseen truism of aging. I found that in seeking answers to their questions, I could use my own life experiences as a guide, which I found myself doing via online and in print. Thus began the process of becoming a voice for women in transition. By becoming the voice for the “underdog”, women without means to verbalize their fears, I used the power of the internet to see seeds for those who couldn’t. In 2008, Authentic Woman was born, although I’d later find that its title wasn’t so original.

Nevertheless, my baby was introduced to people in the blogosphere to a receptive community of men and women readers. A common bond ensued as women wanted to “know” themselves and the men who loved them needed to communicate their own understanding as well.

In 2010, I see an awesome growth spurt from my hard work. To say that I’ve found success with my authentic woman blog would be cause for a sort of tongue & cheek admission. My blog has grown in popularity, but, it’s not a cash cow. That’s never been my purpose. My goal is for women to become comfortable with who they are. Know that life doesn’t end after 50. We women have only to believe in ourselves to know the powerful truth that shines within us. I suppose when looking at Authentic Woman from this angle? It truly is a success! It doesn’t take rocket science to start a positive movement, or to encourage one along.

Some simple guidelines for my blog’s success included:

a. Identifying my passion and purpose

b. Holding myself accountable

c. Targeting my audience

d. Using a personable approach

e. Intuiting spirit and prayer

f. Defining my truth

g. Remaining focused on my goal…

Clara Freeman is a nurse, freelance writer, blogger and former advice columnist living in Illinois. Her most recent work was published in the book When One Door Closes- Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points. For more of her works visit and .

Portions of this article was originally published at Susan Johnston’s, TheUrban Muse.