By Lisa Hein

"amazing smiling woman"There have been some amazing articles written that are based on keeping our self-esteem up while proceeding forward without allowing any negativity to creep into our environment. The people writing these articles all have one thing in common. To inspire us to feel amazing about every situation that comes our way.

A couple of years ago, we were promised an incredible amount of things that would help each and every one of us prosper, enhance our businesses, keep our heads above water, and be safe. To date, I have not seen one of those promises fulfilled.

Since these unfulfilled promises have left some of us feeling anxious and totally consumed, the same conversation is being heard almost everywhere you go. ‘This economy.’ There always seems to be an opportunity where conversations tend to revolve around ‘this economy.’ What is ‘this economy’ and when did it become so powerful? When did it becomes so overwhelming that it took control over us, our dreams, and our destiny?

Last December we had the distinct pleasure of riding with over 3,000 motorcycles for Toys for Tots. This may seem like a very trivial outing, but, the experience was one of astonishment! People from all walks of life came together for those 3 hours and were on a mission to do one thing. They wanted to show support to this organization and help thousands of children have some toys and plenty of food.

When we allow others to control how we feel, who do we become? How do we determine what we are capable of doing what we know we can do? Have we given up our authority over our own environment? I don’t know about you, but not only is this a very sad compromise we have put ourselves in, but it takes away our ability to know that we are strong and determined people who have a deep passion about everything we do.

To commit to yourself and/or your family that you will push forward and keep your eyes on the Creator instead of the creation, may help you to see some pretty amazing outcomes happen in your life.

One day several people were complaining about ‘this economy.’ Wow, again with ‘this economy!’ My husband chirped in with words that almost knocked me off my feet. He said, “Yes, I know, it’s a pretty sad time for us.” With that, I almost gave myself a whiplash as I turned my head so fast.

Before I knew it, the following statement flew out of my mouth: “Don’t you ever agree with this stripping of our character and losing our vision over our destination again!” Although the response was shocking, I knew that if we fell into this lie that is being shoved down our thoughts we too would lose our self-esteem and capability to push forward. We too would fall apart.

I choose to keep my eyes on the blessings we’ve been received. When businesses are closing down we were still receiving job after job. We pushed through every single day and prayed hard. We’ve received amazing amounts of work from ordinary people who go to work every day, yet know they must keep their homes in good working order.

Amazing people who have chosen to push through all these negative messages and have made a fervent decision to keep proceeding forward. They’ve made a decision to not become what others think they should. They have decided to take care of their own needs. They know they are responsible for their own happiness.

We must walk through this time while never thinking negative thoughts or losing our American spirit because to confess negativity is to destroy your character. I believe we all want to feel amazing from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed. So how do we do it?

To have a faith and to walk in that faith continuously. No one can take away your spirit. We’ve seen the human spirit stay strong over and over. Ordinary people with amazing spirits that make a choice to help one another. Continue to surround yourself with only positive input. Enjoy great music, read amazing and helpful books that inspire you rather than bring you down, and most of all, spend quality time with your family and/or amazing friends. Uplift your spirit and respect yourself with dignity and acceptance.

If we are speaking to one another with respect and adoration and our home life is full of gratitude, peace, happiness and love, it doesn’t matter what is going on outside. When we establish new boundaries in ourselves and understand that we are not here to be broken down, but lifted up, then we can and will push through any situation that is placed before us.

We’ve heard it over and over, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! What does your lemonade taste like?

Lisa Hein has been speaking around the country and can be heard world-wide on her radio talk show ‘Everyday Parenting.’ THE BOOK “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute and adorable) is a down-to-earth resource that leaves you feeling empowered to be the best parent you can by leaving all the garbage we’ve been bombarted with outside!

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