"How Did You Get to This Point?"It isn’t that difficult to have a happy relationship. Just about every couple will run into rough patches. What is important is how you deal with them and how you move forward.

On the other side of the coin married couples in their fifties and sixties have been married for a good 20 years or more. So what is the secret to their long-term satisfaction in their marriage? How do you have a long and healthy marriage?

Here’s a few secrets to staying happy:

•             Don’t fight or argue over the smallest things

•             Remember it always takes two

•             Be committed in your relationship

•             Enter your relationship with a view toward the long term

•             Always listen to both points of view

•             Don’t let money issues become a huge issue

When problems or issues do arise then don’t ignore them and let things smoulder for days or weeks on end, this will only make things work. Tackle any problems head on with an open mind.