BY Dr. Monica Garaycoechea

grieving woman being comforted by another womanOne of my vendors has gone through a very difficult time lately.  Difficult enough that she’s had to face the difficult reality that she has been unable to deliver on her commitments to me — and her other clients. For myself, I know to be patient with people when they’re processing the difficult things that life brings us — like losing a parent. For her though, this loss has brought up some very difficult questions. “Where did my loved one go,” was the one that seemed to have a stranglehold on her.  As a mentor, I simple held space while she shared her fears of being separated from her father forever.

We talked a lot about the golden thread of love between her and her loved one — and of the complicated relationship they had.  Many things came out of these conversations — a friendship is one of them.  And I was gifted to guide this beautiful woman to ALLOW the questions to simply exist.

Like, “How can I survive my grief when it feels bottomless?” Her initial answer was so simple and honest. It was, “I can’t. I can’t survive this.” A valid answer, I coached her to simply allow and release that answer.  That another, deeper answer was coming.

One day last week, her answer was simply another question: “Does releasing my grief mean that I didn’t really love my friend?”

Once we begin the Creative Questions process, we are led on a beautiful path of responses, more questions, deeper insights and ultimately, compassion.  You see, there are endless opportunities to open to ourselves IF we are able to simply open to the QUESTIONS in our lives.

By RELEASING what we THINK our answers are, we are open to a universe of possibilities.

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