By Lisa Hein

Mother’s Day, the day that children honor their mother. At least we hope that is what is going to happen.

It shouldn’t take a holiday for those around us to celebrate the amazing job we’ve been doing in our position as ‘Mother.’ But, it’s one more of those Catch 22’s we find ourselves in because the calendar says so. (I think it should say Mother’s Day everyday!)

There are many of us that feel very excited about May 8th, and have much to look forward to because the plans are made and you know exactly what is going to happen. How wonderful for you.

Others may feel overwhelmed and nervous, because, well because, they’re just not sure what that day will bring. We try to tell ourselves that this is just another ploy of the calendar where the card stores and florists have something to look forward to and are eagerly awaiting to help your children feel good about ‘honoring you, this Mother’s Day!

Maybe they should call these holidays, that are meant to honor others, ‘Don’t Expect To Much Day.’ Deep down inside we know how incredible we are and have embraced this position with grace and dignity and we don’t need ‘one’ day in May to celebrate our accomplishments because we do it everyday!

We take this position seriously and give 100% of ourselves. We are always there for our children, NO MATTER WHAT! We are there when they don’t feel good, when they need a ride to their friends, when it was time to get their driver’s license how we stood in the motor vehicle department, biting our finger nails for hours, waiting for them to take their driving test, how we watched them walk down the aisle as they began their new journey with their mate, and held the first grandchild. Priceless.

Now, as we are all eagerly awaiting to see what will unfold this year, a thought comes to mind. Does it really matter that on May 8th, our children are supposed to stop in their ’busy’ tracks and with or without guilt, make sure they sent a card or maybe even some flowers? Do we want to feel that they have stressed themselves out because they are ‘so busy’ and this is ‘so hard?’ Do we really want to wait all day for ‘the call?’

This year, let’s be pro-active! Let’s do it ourselves. Honor Thyself on Mother’s Day and leave no room for let down.

Start your day off making your favorite coffee and breakfast. Enjoy your house of worship, and then decide what magnificent restaurant you will take yourself and your family to for lunch. Of course, make sure it’s near your favorite mall, so you can go buy yourself something very special. Afterwards, when you feel good about you purchase, stop by your favorite coffee shop and get yourself a big cup of that ‘must have’ afternoon coffee and don’t forget to order your favorite pastry.

Later, when you return home, whatever happens will then become the icing on the cake. If there is nothing, well, then, bake yourself your favorite cake and ice it with your favorite icing, and don’t forget to finish it off with your favorite sprinkles, then BAM….. the day is complete.

Holidays are definitely meant to uplift each other and make others feel good. But, if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes they don’t always work out that way. This year, stay on top of the wave and don’t expect anything from anyone. Put yourself first and Honor Thyself knowing that you chose the position of ‘Mother’ and you don’t need anyone to make you feel good about it….

Enjoy your special day and remember no matter how others choose to celebrate ‘You’ , it doesn’t define who you are as a mother. We are all remarkable at the end of the day.

Lisa Hein is the author of THE BOOK “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute an adorable) which describes her journey through ‘parentdom,’ She is a motivational speaker and radio talk show host of ‘Everyday Parenting,’ which can be heard on

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