By Lisa Hein


The holiday season is right around the corner and sneaking up on us quickly. It is a time to be with family, decorate the home, and have friends over to celebrate in the gift of sharing.

For many years, most of us have spent days and weeks at the mall shopping for those ‘perfect’ gifts for our children. No matter if we had the money or not, we made sure there were several gifts under the tree. Protocol we thought.

The thing about the ‘holidays,’ is that some of us have lost the entire understanding of what it is all about. Yes, we were brought up on candy canes, fresh baked cookies, and presents under the tree, but nowadays, you walk into homes and the presents are stacked so high, you have to have an eight foot tree.

When you look around, there are organizations that need help during the holidays providing gifts for the children who have nothing, warm blankets to the homeless, or help serving meals. When we can give of ourselves, yes, that is the true meaning of HOLIDAYS. To serve those who have nothing to give, no food, money or family has to be one of the most rewarding gifts we could give our children.

In my opinion, maybe what is happening in the economy is happening for a reason. People of every socio-economic background are taking a very serious look at their finances, job security, and most of all their family. Some of us may be asking if we will we still have our job in December? Will we still be living in our home by then? What is our future financial outlook? These are very serious concerns.

Maybe it is time to stop living beyond our means, and teach our children the true meaning of giving. Maybe we could take our children to a homeless shelter where these families have nothing, but hopefully, a warm meal to share with their children.

How awesome would it be to bring those children gifts so that their world could be changed for that one day. Can you imagine how incredible that could feel to our children?  To let them feel humbled by the things they experience every day of the year, and to share with these children who may only experience a present once in a while.

When we allow our children to feel this type of unconditional giving, we are empowering them to learn how to be givers instead of takers and to realize that everything doesn’t always have to be about them. Building character is something we teach our children, and this may be the exact time for our entire family to experience character-building together.

It was written that ‘it is better to give than to receive.’ The holidays aren’t about receiving materialistic gifts, it is about unconditional giving. Children really do love to do things for others and this may be the perfect time to allow them to feel good about sharing joy to those who have none.

Perhaps you can be the one in the family that stands up and says, “This holiday we will not be buying gifts for each other, we will be giving to those less fortunate. Wow, what a concept…..

I wish you a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

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