Holiday gift cardsGuiding Signs 101 to Shape a Holiday Season That’s Right for YOU by Kathleen McIntire

For many of us, the holiday season is fraught with powerful and often conflicting emotions. Memories from childhood, leftover grief, and the expectations of others get as tangled up in our minds as strands of colored lights. And that, says Kathleen McIntire, is why when someone asks us what we really want out of the holidays we may realize that we just don’t know.

“Let’s say you’re a single woman who lives far from your extended family and you’re trying to figure out whether you want to go home for Christmas,” explains McIntire. “There’s not always a clear answer. On one hand you don’t want to upset your family. On the other, you’re exhausted from traveling and would like to just relax in your own home. But if you stay put, will you feel depressed and lonely on Christmas Day? Should you consider a third option—perhaps going out of town with a friend instead?”

McIntire’s Guiding Signs 101 cards can serve as a tool for helping you make the holiday decisions that are right for you. Each one features an everyday road sign—yield, road narrows, speed bump, etc.—that has a deeper meaning attached to it. The cards are intended to be a “bridge” that helps people get in touch with their own intuition and wisdom.

Here’s how to use the cards:

1. Become present. Take a few deep breaths and connect to your heart center.

2. Ask. Concentrate on your question or say it aloud. Clear questions will result in clear answers.

3. Shuffle with the deck face down.

4. Draw a card. You can divide the pack in half and turn one half over to reveal your card, or you can spread the cards out on a surface and let yourself be guided to a card. Whatever works for you!

Here are two ways to let them guide you this holiday season:

1. Ask an open-ended question. Addressing whomever you believe provides guidance (God, your higher self, your spirit guides), say, “Please give me clarity on what I need to do to have a joyful holiday season.” Then, consult the cards.

Imagine that you get the “phone” card. This is the communication card. After reading the deeper meaning in the guidebook you realize that you should call your mother. As you talk to her about your mixed feelings on coming home for the holidays, a clear answer may come to you.

2. Ask a “yes or no” question. For this, use only the green- and red-light cards. Ask a very specific question: “Should I spend the holidays at home?” Or even better: “Is it in my highest and best interests to spend the holidays at home?” A green light would mean yes, and a red light no.

Kathleen McIntire is a transformational teacher, speaker, and healer who is dedicated to bringing forth truth, liberation, and awakening. She is the author and creator of Guiding Signs 101, a set of divination cards and guidebook using everyday road signs to tap into your intuition and own inner guidance. She is the steward of MoonBear Sanctuary, located on 28 acres in Northern California. The retreat center located there provides cutting-edge workshops as well as ceremonies, study groups, and symposiums. Kathleen, whose focus is on restoring the feminine power, also leads sacred journeys with women. She has led journeys to the Andes and rainforest of Ecuador. Her next journey is to Guatemala; it will revolve around the 0-day Mayan Calendar.

Kathleen’s website addresses are and .

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