"hold the stuffing - holiday eating and weight gain" The Link Between Weight Gain and Elevated Glucose Levels

Recent studies by the National Institute of Health report that Americans gain the most weight over the six-week period between Thanksgiving and New Years. As Thanksgiving approaches, portions and decadent food are aplenty, and those extra bites of pecan pie could be putting strain on your health as well as your pant buttons. Obesity and high waist circumference can lead to elevated glucose and insulin levels. Chicago Healers Practitioner Valerie Early, RD offers symptoms to look out for this Thanksgiving season:

• Fatigue

• Crabbiness

• Sugar Cravings

• Neuropathy (needlelike pain in toes, fingers, and legs)

• Depression

While there are many ways to lower glucose and insulin levels, Early recommends starting with your diet. Simple changes include:

• Eat high-fiber carbohydrates such as lentils, beans, or vegetables.

• Eat lean protein with each meal and snack.

• Try herbs and supplements such as cinnamon, fenugreek, or chromium.

Diet alone is not enough to dial back glucose and insulin levels completely, though. Early recommends adding regular exercise along with a healthier diet. Simple changes such as keeping a food journal, limiting second portions and eating a light, filling snack before holiday parties such as a scoop of peanut butter or hummus and carrots, can help keep holiday weight and unhealthy glucose levels at bay.

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