"your tango logo"As the weather heats up this summer, why not do the same for your dating life.

YourTango—the digital leader in love and relationships—offers exciting 50 summer date ideas that will have lovebirds singing a whole new tune.

• Fountain-hopping. Grab a towel and some beach balls and head to the nearest park filled with fountains to cool off from the summer sun.

• Lemon line. On the hottest day of the year, take to the street and channel your inner salesman by setting up a lemonade stand and offering thirsty neighbors a tasty (and FREE) thirst quencher.

• Street Shooter. Grab some popcorn and your favorite foam fan fingers and secure a bench at your local blacktop basketball courts for some full court action.

• Stargazing picnic. Make dinner, grab some bug spray, and head outside or up on the roof to eat under the stars. You can make it romantic by setting up lights, pillows and blankets. Try to pick out as many constellations as you can.

• Sidewalk Chalk Surprise. If you really like someone, and you think they like you too, it’s okay to pull out the Amelie-esque big guns. Tell your date to meet you in the park. Arrive early and leave sidewalk chalk directions to your actual location. Have a picnic waiting when they arrive. BAM.

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