Here is a video WE Magazine for Women has saved in our files and meant to share for some time. The topic is timely and if you suffer from any type of pain while driving any distances, this video could be a huge benefit to you.

In this video Elaine Masters, RYT and award-winning author of Drivetime Yoga shares techniques to stay healthy, happy and sane for commuters any time of  the day while on the road and behind the wheel (steering wheel that is).

The simple, small and safe techniques of Drivetime Yoga are easy to use while driving or as a passenger.

The head to toe techniques are read by actress, author, Yoga teacher, Elaine Masters.

Listen on the road to Drivetime Yoga’s simple, safe moves on CD1.

CD2 features the Ergonomic Checklist, Road Rage Remedies, How to avoid habits that hurt and more.

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