2-1/4 c of flour; sifted 

1-1/2 tsps of salt 

3/4 c of shortening 

4 pcs of eggs (large) 

1 pc of egg (separated) 

1 Tbsp of butter (or margarine) 

1 c of bacon (Canadian); diced 

2 c of apples (red); sliced thinly 

1 Tbsp of flour 

1-3/4 c of half-and-half 

1/8 tsp of nutmeg 

1/4 tsp of caraway seeds 

1/2 tsp of mustard (dry) 

1 c of shredded cheese (Swiss)

5 Tbsps of milk (cold)



Combine one teaspoon of salt and (sifted) flour; add shortening and cut till mixture turns pea-sized particles. Sprinkle five tablespoons (cold) milk and add more till dough becomes stiff. 

Shape them into six balls and roll each onto a slightly floured surface to 6 inch rounds. Fit onto 5-inch (tart) pans; make sure to fit securely. 

Pierce fork onto the dough. Lightly beat one white of egg; brush onto sides and base of the shells. Place inside the oven and bake 425 degrees F for 15 mins.

Melt the butter then cook bacon for one min. Add slices of apples then cover; cook for 10 mins till translucent and tender. 

Beat the four eggs along with the remaining yolk then add half-and-half, flour, nutmeg, mustard, remaining salt, and caraway; mix thoroughly.

Divide evenly and sprinkle the cheese onto the shells. Add bacon and apples then pour the mixture of eggs. Bake inside the oven 375 degrees F for half an hour. Let it cool for a while then serve.