From Spain…to Heaven… by Linda Pereira

 In the course of my work I travel to Spain very frequently, mostly of course to the major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia for example. However the awe never dies. There is something different in the air in this country…the moment you land you can feel it in the air or beneath your feet. A strange pulsating sensation and an aroma which makes your heart race just a little and creates expectation. Some say it is the climate, others say the light, others say it is because your expectations are so high because of all the information continually being thrown at you about the history, the art, the culture, the food, the wine…and the Flamenco!
Maybe that is true. The Spanish have truly set the world an example on how to market their destination. Unless you are living in a hole 50 miles below the Earth’s surface you will be more than familiar with Spanish music, Spanish cinema, Spanish actresses, Spanish food, Spanish wine, bullfights, olive oil and even many Spanish words.
So what else need to be said about this country that has not yet been said?

Spain receives more than 50 million visitors from across the globe each year. What do they go to see and what brings them in droves to this country on the edge of Europe?

Of course there are the many, many beaches. From North to south and from east to West, lots and lots of them and good ones too. Then there are also the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands; both famous destinations for holidaymakers and specially the fun-loving youth.

However if this is the only reason you visit Spain then you have not seen Spain. This country has so much more to offer and there is no way that ten visits will even show you a glimpse of what is truly magnificent about it.
There is a Spanish saying that “there is no pain in life so cruel as to be blind in Granada”. While these words address the unique beauty of that southern Spanish town, I believe it is perfectly applicable to the whole of Spain.
Spain has a very interesting and colorful history which has resulted in the personality and architectural geography it has today.

All over Spain, but particularly in the southern region of Andalusia, there are many fine examples of Moorish architecture as a result of the Arabic conquest of Spain between the 8th – 15th centuries. Spanish culture is comprised of various diverse regional cultures. Spain’s tumultuous past and history has produced some of the most beautiful monuments in history. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is so beautiful that it has made me cry. How could man create so much beauty? It lifts the spirit and enriches the experience.
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