In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, WE Magazine is featuring Laga Handbags – Hands, Handles, and Hope

By Mary Teresa Fowler

Pink Handbag for Breast Cancer Support from laga handbags

Pink Handbag for Breast Cancer Support

Laga Handbags are one of a kind handcrafted handbags. They were part of the April 2009 “Handbags Of Hope” online auction. Laga Designs International, Inc., however, hands out hope on a daily basis. This company definitely has a handle on the concept of helping one’s neighbor.

Roy and Louise van Broekhuizen fashioned Laga Handbags following the 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Laga Handbags were crafted to create help and hope for the tsunami victims. This artistic venture continues to provide employment and housing for tsunami victims. The business also donates a large percentage of its profits to this Indonesian community.

Laga Handbags help women everywhere with home-based business opportunities. Laga Designs International, Inc. offers both incentives and convenience. These special handbags can be purchased or sold through home purse parties.

Roy van Broekhuizen notes that, “We seem to get more interest in inquiries for the Laga Consultant opportunity, especially during this economic downturn.”

Laga Handbags make a difference in the world beginning in Aceh, Indonesia. Yet this fashionable business boosts more than the Acehnese economy. Laga Designs International, Inc. CEO van Broekhuizen points to “one very special story” of a young woman named Vina. Vina began working at Laga Handbags just over a year after the tsunami.

Vina says, “I had to start a new life and had a new spirit to live, so that my family could do the same, especially my father who had lost his brother and his nephew because of the tsunami.”

Laga Designs International, Inc. also helps to reinforce their workers’ pride in their Acehnese culture and history. Each handbag is embroidered with a traditional pattern. Every handbag has an unique design.

The sewing doesn’t involve stencils or templates. The intricate embroidery is a free motion work of art. The designs are hand-guided onto a single-head treadle machine. Only 100% cotton thread is used for the embroidery.

Every Laga Handbag features traditional embroidery in contemporary style fashion. Laga Handbags come in a variety of types, styles, sizes, and colors. Their variety and versatility makes them a perfect match for every taste and budget.

The one of a kind patterns are sewn onto a nylon-polyester blend. Laga Handbags are lined with luxurious satin. Travel bags are padded for extra protection. Cosmetic bags are lined with water-resistant nylon material.

What do customers think about Laga Handbags? Bethany Kovar of Local Color on Main – located on Main Street in Stillwater, Minnesota – shares her observations. Local Color on Main offers an eclectic mix of jewelry, apparel, and gifts including a customer favorite – Laga Handbags.

“Laga Handbags have a very distinct and striking look that garners attention from both near and far. The variety of styles provide options for a weekend carry-all or a daily handbag. Many people are calling Laga handbags “the new alternative to a designer purse” and at Local Color we think this product is a great way to carry a high-quality, unique accessory that also gives back to the community.

We have had great reactions from our customers. They enjoy the detailed stitching of the handbags, as well as the color and shape variety. Customers are equally intrigued with the Laga company mission and the concept of “giving back.”

Laga Handbag owners seem to be very protective of and careful with their prized purchase. They want to protect their Laga Handbags and display them nicely when not in use. Bethany Kovar has noticed the popularity of purse hangers.

“We do have many customers that will buy purse hangers to accompany a Laga handbag purchase. This also makes a complete and unique gift.”

A Laga Handbag and a purse hanger does indeed make the perfect gift. Except perhaps with the exception of a gift of two Laga Handbags! Dare to dream! Roy van Broekhuizen’s dream for Laga Handbags follows a similar train of thought.

“We are hoping to expand our mission to helping victims of disaster via our current mission, helping tsunami survivors of Indonesia. This can only happen if we sell more Laga handbags and accessories, add more Consultants, and Retailers.”

Every time you carry a Laga Handbag, you have a handle on Hope!

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