Being a working woman sets you apart from others. You cannot be caught wearing what they wear, not even for hairstyles. The hardest part is that you need to still look good, regardless of how tight your schedule is. Just because you are a busy woman does not mean that your aesthetic appeal does not matter.

It is why some women find that keeping short hair is advantageous for their career life. Are there ways you can still pull off a sexy and classic hairstyle for work? Here are 7 cool and classic short hairstyles you can comfortably rock as a working woman:

  1. Smooth Bob

A smooth bob is perhaps the easiest haircut you can wear is you have short hair. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain. You require a bit of length on your hair, to allow it to touch the upper part of your neck. It works best for women with straight hair. You can add a middle part, side part, or soft bangs to pair it with the smooth bob.

  1. Sleek Pixie

If you are not quite feeling the smooth bob, consider the sleek pixie cut. You will need the pro alloy XTR adjustable clipper to get the edges and the back right. The edges and the back are typically shorter than the rest of the hair. The front part is slightly longer. You will need some products to keep the area sleek and in place. Opt for a side part for work, to keep it less striking for formal setups.

  1. The Pixie with Long Bangs

For women that love bangs, this is the way to go. This haircut features long, side-swept bangs, and a short back. You can add texture to the bangs to elevate the appearance. The length of the bangs should match your preference, either right above the eyes, or slightly lower, which is sexier. 

  1. Straight Lob

A lob is a long version of the bob haircut. This one requires more length of hair, perhaps at the shoulder-length. The style is very chic and highlights the best features of the face. You can opt for a side or middle part with this style. For better results, find ways to add volume to your hair, as this looks better.

  1. The Pompadour

If you are a little retro in your taste, the pompadour will work best for you. This style requires that you pull out your favorite pomade or wax. You can decide to swipe your hair slightly on the side, or backward. You need to leave in a little volume in the hairstyle. This is where the pomade or wax is useful. It will help hold the hairs in place. You can make it as tight or loose as you want, to achieve the perfect look for your face type. 

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie

A pixie can be shifted up with the addition of volume. This haircut features lots and lots of volume to create layers. It will give you a fresh instant look. You need a little more length on the front part of your hair than the back. Determine a side part to establish the asymmetrical attribute of the style with the front side bangs. With some volume to it, the sides will look choppy and very cool.

  1. Texturized Bob

Who says the only way to wear a bob is straight? Adding texture and volume to your bob cut can give you a whole new look. The texturized bob features more length of hair, particularly on the front. You need to establish a side part that is rich in texture and wavy curls. Create a side-swept bang that accentuates your eyes. The style works great with both formal and informal setups. 

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