The Women’s eCommerce Association is hosting two great teleseminar this week during their monthly 1st Fridayz event. Both events are focusing on how you can grow your business to a million dollars in revenue. Here’s the scoop:

1st Fridayz interview with Tracy Repchuk takes place at 10 AM (PST), 11 AM (MST), 12 Noon (CST), 1 pm (EST)

“Join Heidi and the members of the Women’s eCommerce Association Friday, December 7th at 1pm (Eastern Time) for an interview with Tracy Repchuk , Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles .”  In this session you will learn how she earned the name “2007 New Internet Marketing Success of the Year” as she shares her “secrets” to success.  Tracy will also talk about her show busyworkingwomen on blog talk radio and her recent trip to Malaysia and in the UK for the World Internet Summit.”

Tracy Repchuk is a Canadian bestselling author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” a book that has taken her to Internet Marketing stardom after a 22 year history as an entrepreneur in the software and eCommerce arena.   Tracy started her first company directly after college at the age of 19 in 1985, and has seen every computer and internet trend first hand.  During her successful journey as the president of 4 companies, once she started having children (she has 3 aged 12, 11 and 10) she moved her office home and became an advocate for being a work from home mom raising her kids – a lifestyle that has been a dream come true.   She has been nominated for awards such as Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, and Chamber of Commerce Business woman of the year, and has received international acclaim for her eCommerce software products.

You can attend via teleconference or in our Hot Conference web room. If you want to attend, send a note to heidi (at) wecai.org with 1st Fridayz in the subject line.

NOTE: Our regular 36+ hour 1st Fridayz events will resume in January. Be sure to go to www.1stFridayz.com to learn more and sign up for our 2008 events.

We have partnered with Sheri McConnell of National Assn. of Women Writers and My Millionaire Friends to bring you a great teleseminar – The ACTION Method-How To Build a Million Dollar Business In Less Than 5 Years From Your Home

Date: December 7th at Noon (PST), 1 pm (MST), 2 pm (CST), 3 pm (EST)

Attendees will learn:

-The many benefits of creating a wealth plan

-How to leverage your time, money, and expertise using 1 or more of 6 millionaire business models

-The core elements to consider when creating your own virtual millionaire team

-The key millionaire systems you must have in place

-Plus Much More!

Note: This class also includes a 3 page handout with a checklist and a diagram.

Register here: http://my-millionaire-friends.com/free-stuff

Hope to see you there!

 Heidi Richards, Publisher & Editor-in-chief

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