"Maria Mar Graphic Fall 2012"The Transformation from Caterpillar You to Butterfly You! (Excerpt from The Fall Issue of WE Magazine)

By Maria Mar

We all know that transformation is good. After all, it’s what turns caterpillar into butterfly. We love butterflies! They embody the process of transformation that leads to the blossoming of our highest potential.

If you want to go from HERE (where you are now) to THERE (where your dream is, where you embody the potential pulsating in you) then you want that transformation.

“So why,” you may ask, “if I’m working so hard and I want to live my dream more than anything, why on earth am I still HERE? Why am I not THERE?”

Let’s see what the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly reveals about your journey to do the crossover into your dream.

Caterpillar You

Don’t forget that the butterfly egg comes before the caterpillar. The potential for butterfly already exists in caterpillar. In that same way, your desire, your dream and the passionate call of your life purpose already exist in you.

Your Dream (with capital D) is not something out there that you are going to get. Your Dream is a part of you that needs to express itself in the world. It’s your DreamSelf or Butterfly You.

Young caterpillars are ravenous. They devour every leaf on their path for weeks. In that time, they multiply their body mass a thousand-fold.

This is your first stage in the process of becoming your dream. Caterpillar You is starving for your dream to come true. You work hungrily. You want hungrily. You seek hungrily. And the hungrier you are, the more you seem to starve. The slower you seem to grow. Your dream seems farther away.

Corazón Tierra is the poster model of my Dream Crossover Program, and she is a real story of the transformation of Caterpillar You into Butterfly You. Here’s a visual take of Corazón when she came to me as her Caterpillar Self.

In order to grow as much as it does, caterpillar needs to shed its exoskeleton several times. To grow into your dream you need to release the beliefs, habits and perceptions that keep you playing small. You need to shed three aspects of the caterpillar stage.

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