By Bea Kunz

Holiday Season is once again upon us…yeah from my corner, I love, love, love the season. From October through January-my lights are twinkling…how about you ?

Are you thinking ‘ turkey’ for the Thanksgiving table…if so…think Heritage…prior to WW11-Americans feasted on a variety of turkeys, Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Jersey Buff, Standard Bronze, and Midget White. Thankfully , with the interest in healthier foods, greener living, and better health all around, these lovely breeds are making a comeback. Slow Food USA, Organic Consumers, and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy-and other wonderful, green/organic/health awareness groups have played a huge part in this movement.

Heritage turkeys are long, lean and well-exercised. They have a slower growth rate and are harvested at a more mature age. The final result is firmer, leaner meat.

Planning ahead is a must if your thinking Heritage this year.

You can find suppliers at,…and you may find them in your own home town -try your local farmers market for ideas.

Another greening idea for the kitchen is serving local and in season foods for your holiday meals . Eating in season does a big dose of good for the environment in many ways. Two of those being…cutting back on transit and all that brings to the environment, and, puts more back into the local economy.

Want to know more about eating in season, sustainable living, and ways to upgrade your health report card ?
Here you will also find many delicious and health-wise recipes for your every-day and holiday fare.

Earth Wise thinking, I trust- is more than a once a year thought.

There are many simple ways we can integrate ideas and changes into our daily lives that will make our environment healthier, and in turn better and safer living for each of us.

Join me and Sage Hill Farms…and other farmers and consumers all across the country in a happy, healthy, and greener-Holiday Season.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms