Not just your space but that all around you by Bea Kunz


Green, green, green. I have green on the brain…and so should you.

Think about this. If just a third of the population would pool together on any give day and do the same thing.
Then think about this. If that one third did that same thing everyday for a week or a month or a year. ( a lifetime ?)

It’s doable and it’s now, if we are to make a difference .
Many are doing much, but we need many more and much more.

We all have a community, this is a perfect place to start.

Organize a group of volunteers and offer your services to schools, parks, the YMCA, hospitals, your church, and don’t forget your neighbor.

Many elderly and disabled people would love to have a hand-up in having a greener space.

If you don’t wish to make it a group effort you cam easily do a one on one…adopt a project just for you and include the children if you have them. You’ll be performing a meaningful service and teaching “green’ education that will go into the next generation of doers.

We all have access to many wonderful and safe products, ideas, and  how-to’s  now, either locally or through the internet.
We no longer can honestly be excused by claiming no access to make better choices.

And another great way to find projects close to home is by a Google search for …
Green organizations + your state.

You are off and running when you tap into any of these workable groups.

So…plan a project and work it and promote it.
You’ll be delighted when others start to pay attention and join you.

Success breeds success~

Have a great Spring Cleaning time and do share !

Bea Kunz ~ Sage Hill Farms