by Bea Kunz

Greening is a popular state of thinking all around the world.

Sadly some people/places are cutting corners and breaking rules in order to appear “green.”


I’ve read where more people and companies are paying attention to the difference in prices between products made with recycled materials and those made with fossil fuel contents.


Consumers are always open to new sourcing when they are available and especially if they are less costly.


Some major concerns that are being looked at now by consumers are the tainted foods/products coming out of China .

Everything from baby food to cooking pots are being produced by less than safe and healthy standards.


I will not fill this article with links for you to click, but…google this: foods+recall+china.

Prepare to be stunned.


Another important production to watch is Stainless Steel.


We tend to think of SS as being healthier and safer than most other materials when it comes to cooking.

And, this is true if the SS in question is made with a proper grade of materials.


Some low grades of SS can be mixed with other metals which can be dangerous to our health when it comes into contact with heat and food.


One good way to determine just how “green” a company is or is working to be is to look at the source of energy they use to run their businesses and /or make their product.


I and many others are saying no to products made in China .Far too many are too unsafe, the standards in their production and the safeguards of inspection are far below what can be considered good.


Women use 70% of the buying power in this country, why should we not demand good and safe quality for that spending power.


We can and we should.


Think green, but know that it’s really green before you buy into an idea or a product.


A gracious holiday to you all.


Bea Kunz