Today I had the pleasure to interview Tina Forsyth, Author of Becoming an Online Business Manager. Here’s what we discussed:

a. Tina, Why did you write this book?

More and more online-based business owners are looking to hire an Online Business Manager, and are having a hard time finding people to fill this role. I’ve been hearing this from business owners for years now, and in the past 6 months it’s become almost a ‘crisis’ of sorts in the industry. I know there are a lot of potential Online Business Managers out there (virtual assistants and other online support professionals) who may not even realize that this opportunity exists… and so I wrote the book for them. My goal is to let them know what an OBM is, what an OBM does and how to start working at this level with their clients should they decide to go that route.

b. Who does this book benefit?

I consider this book to be a two-sided coin. On one side it benefits the aspiring Online Business Manager by giving them a new and bigger role to play with their clients – one that stretches them professionally and can increase their income as well. It is something for them to work towards as they build their business or they may recognize that they’ve been doing this level of support already. I’ve been hearing from virtual assistants who have said “ah ha! THIS is what I do for my clients already…” and they are now going to formalize a bigger role and agreement to be an OBM.

On the other side of the coin the book has also been getting a great response from the business owners as well – they now have a clear definition of what an OBM does and can start to actively look for someone to fill that role.

What I think the book does best is it gets everyone on the same page – the business owner and the OBM. When everyone has the same understanding of the role and responsibilities, it makes for a much smoother relationship overall. I’ve seen business owners try to hire OBMs in the past and have it fail (sometimes miserably!) for the simple fact that expectations were different on both sides – the business owner and the OBM each had a different understanding of the role and as such had a hard time connecting and building a successful business relationship.

c. What areas does this book cover regarding becoming an online business manager?

The book covers everything from what an OBM does, how to know if you are ready to become an OBM, how to know if clients are ready to hire an OBM and how to get started with new or existing clients at this level.

d. Aside from this book, what other products and services do you offer?

I offer coaching & mentoring services for online based businesses and their teams, and am also the co-author of Pink Spoon Marketing and Money, Meaning and Beyond (both with Andrea Lee). For information visit

e. What did you learn about writing a book that you plan to pass along to your readers?

Just do it! If I may borrow that phrase, hehe. For me writing a book has become a simple and effective way to connect with people – both business owners and aspiring OBMs. Without it I simply wouldn’t be able to do what I enjoy most – give others a foundation to create the successful OBM relationships that I’ve enjoyed for years now. Writing a book isn’t something that you do overnight, it can take a long time to a) decide what to write about and b) actually write it! Take it step by step, start with an outline, play with some ideas and once you *click* on what to write about set up an environment to succeed. Get support, hire an editor, hire a coach, do whatever it takes to keep things moving along and before you know it you will have a book in your hot little hands.

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