According to Corporate Gift-giving Magazine these are the top ten gifts to give for the holidays:

  1. Digital picture frames  
  2. Books and Magazine subscriptions – customized to individuals particular interests
  3. Gifts individuals choose for themselves from online catalogs  
  4. Collections, such as art, ornaments, sporting paraphernalia, office décor (such as vases or bookends)
  5. Experiential gifts, such as a spa day or race car driving lessons, golf lessons or outings, etc.
  6. Concierge services such as a personal assistant to run errands
  7. Customized gift baskets that reflect the interests of the recipient
  8. Practical gifts such as a stainless steel mug for the car or a high-quality travel bag
  9. Gourmet/specialty foods that reflect a particular culture or geographic region
  10. Green gifts (not money) the recycled, earth conscious gifts such as paper that is made from seeds (you plant it and it sprouts).

And Here’s my List of Top Ten Gifts or “What Women Want” for the holidays:

1. Gift certificate for car-detailing 

2. Home or office cleaning service such as a window cleaning service
3. Lawn care service 
4. Pet grooming for those pet lovers
5. Someone to do kids homework so the parents don’t have to!
6. Gas cards 
7. Natural grown herbs and teas 
8. Cooking Lessons or someone to cook the week’s meals
9. Someone to decorate the house for the holidays
10. Membership in a professional organization such as a Chamber of Commerce or Woman’s Organization

 And for more ideas… According to Business Week, today’s gifts are all about personalization. You can read their Corporate Gift Guide here.

Happy Shopping!