Photo copyright Grayton Automatic Watches

Photo copyright Grayton Automatic Watches

We live in a fast-paced wardrobe world where few fashions stand the test of time. One exception, however, lies in the world of watches. This is a unique “tech-cessory” category where form and function converge—optimally with an enduring design aesthetic that can easily evolve with the fickle style scene.

While both the fashion and technology industries are veritably sustained by our collective lust for the latest and greatest, there’s just something special about a top-quality timepiece that allows it to remain a constant in our life—persisting on our wrists while other accessories come and go with each season.

And, it’s certainly the quality of a watch that qualifies which are keepers and which get cut. One watch company that understands the mission-critical nature of craftsmanship is Grayton, which is a purveyor of fine automatic watches that are as classic as they are cool.

Unlike a quartz watch that’s powered by a battery, an automatic watch is powered by the wearer’s own wrist movements that, in turn, power the internal mechanisms of the watch. The watch then collects and stores this energy to keep the watch functional. It is an elegant orchestrated process whereby gears and movements all work together, each relying on the movement and gear of the former. Alternatively, the wearer can opt to wind the side switch manually.

While there are a great number of designs in the Grayton line with both men, women and unisex options available, there are a few I’ve been able to personally test and have grown quite partial to. Grayton’s White Dial & Stainless Steel Bracelet option, priced at $255, makes the perfect practical decoration for any wrist is both casual and dressy situations. With a satin white dial with stylish blue hands in a stainless steel case paired with a sleek silver bracelet, this automatic watch is admirable for its ubiquitous appeal. The open stainless steel case back beckons you to admire the precision and workmanship of the automatic mechanisms that power the watch. It adeptly stores the energy from wrist movements to help ensure it’ll last a lifetime, and its waterproof qualities mean it won’t expire from being accidentally worn in the shower, the ocean and other soggy situations.

Another model I’m madly in love with is the sophisticated Green Color Gradient Dial & Stainless Steel Bracelet ($255). Both men and women will love the sunray-brushed gradient black to green dial that’s a real attention-getter. The multi-colored ombre effect elegantly transitions from black around the perimeter to a rich jewel-tone green that brightens toward the center of the dial, and is accented with white hands and numbers. Similar to the White Dial watch, this design also boasts a silver stainless steel case and bracelet and case, as well as an open peek-a-boo case back allowing you to marvel at the auto-mechanisms within. Because there’s no need for a battery, there’s no part to replace time and time again.

In a day and age where it’s difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace, which certainly holds true among the worldwide watchmaker set, Grayton is making an indelible mark by upholding timeless technologies in an impressive form factor. It’s clearly their time to shine.


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