Here’s an interesting Video called Grants for Women – Project Working Mom – The Balancing Act (click on the title above to view the video)

Four steps to getting a business grant:

1. Write a solid business plan.  Banks won’t lend money to businesses without one and most organizations won’t give grants without one.

2. Have a real business, with a business name, proper licensing and be sure to comply with all local, state and federal laws.

3.Do your market research.  This is by and large part of the business plan and without it you r company could fail.  Take time to define your market, your offer and how you will differentiate your company from others providing a similar product or service.

4. Do your homework. Find the right grants for your needs. Either take a course in grant writing or hire someone to do it for you.  This is critical to the success in acquiring a grant (or many).  There are several organizations that help with grant-writing by offering workshops, courses and even resources. Some include The Community Foundation, Foundation Center (.org) and American Grant Writers Foundation.

For more tips on how to get the grant, read What Grantmakers Want Applicants to Know

Here are some additional Grant Resources not listed in the 125 Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Women:

Search for Business Loans, Grants and Financing at Business.Gov

Check out Google’s Grants and Scholarship programs at (several available)

Contact your state’s economic development office, which is responsible for the growth of small businesses in your state. A representative from this office should be able to direct you to above-board grant programs for your specific company.

Peruse, which is owned and maintained by the federal government lists all available federal grant programs currently open for applications, many of which you or your company may be eligible for.
Find federal government grants at

Find private donor and foundation grants at

Find federal Department of Education grants at

Find state level NCLB and education grant competitions at

Find federal Department of Health grants at

Find National Science Foundation grants at

Additonal Guides, articles and resources for Grants (for Women, etc.):

Here’s another video called the Grant Proposal Writing Guide  ~

Grab your copy of “Grant Secrets Revealed” by Innoventum at

More on how you can become qualified for a grant can be found at The Ladies Club

More Grants & Scholarships for Women can be found at and Raise The Nation

If you are looking for grants, loans or scholarships, be sure and check out WE Magazine for Women’s list of 125 Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Women