Only women know how hard it is to live in a society where you have to LIVE with constant fear or stress of being harassed without any cause or warning. As sad as this sounds, it is the harsh reality of the world we live in, but like every other problem, there are always solutions to counter-attack that problem and literally leave a cut. This is where Go-Guarded comes in!

Go-Guarded will ensure you don’t cancel a walk or run out of fear. It’s incredible how a small handy tool can make you feel confident by carrying it. Unlike other self-defense products that are uncomfortable to carry or too heavy to be hands-free. Go Guarded products ensure every need of a runner. These self-defense kits are convenient, handy, and effective. So for self-defense and to double up the protection, Go Guarded is the go-to product for every runner.

These products come in different types of variety according to the runners’ unique preference, and we try our best to keep the versatility in our products, which includes:

History of the company:

Go Guarded ’s founder Jodi Fisher started running about five years ago. She often felt unsafe on solo runs. And while looking for self-defense tools that were convenient, comfortable, or made sense for runners, she noticed that there weren’t many good options. Jodi has an extensive background in criminal justice and a good amount of personal safety knowledge. With all that and a lot of hard work, Go Guarded was born.

Go Guarded ring:

The preferable tool from their collection is the Go Guarded ring. The adjustable inserts and size are the reason why this ring is trendy. Also, the blade is made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon. The outer sheath of the ring is made from a rubber-type material called a thermoplastic elastomer. Hence, it’s the perfect tool to resist the attack with the surety of not harming yourself.  It should be noted that it’s recommended to wear it on the dominant hand but not on the thumb or pinky finger. 



Go Guarded hand-held: 

This is also a bladed tool that is equally preferable for women. Double the protection with The Go Guarded HAND-HELD Pepper spray AND a Go Guarded knife! It is practical to deter an attack with pepper spray and escape a hands-on assault with the blade. Anyone who wants a double layer of protection can add our pepper spray and alarm along with the hand-held. 

Go Guarded Personal Alarm:
The Go Guarded personal alarm is a boisterous self-defense caution with more than 130 decibels alongside an LED light to assist with diverting an aggressor. The self-defense alert is extremely simple to use as you need to pull the trigger to enact the caution. This personal self-preservation alarm is ideally suited for adding to your keychain. So you can remain safeguarded going home, returning home from school, or any place a potential assault could occur.


Go Guarded Kutabon:

Go Guarded Kutabon is an uncompromising plastic serrated-edge weapon with an elastic overlay that naturally flexes far removed to uncover the cutting edge. Add it to your keychain for simple access and no-bother assurance! 

How To Order:

This is the most straightforward task. All you have to do is the website: (affiliate link). Then choose a product and click on “SELECT OPTIONS’. Select your favorite color, size, and number of items. Then just hit ‘ADD TO CART’ from there, click on your cart on the top right corner of the page and proceed to ‘CHECKOUT’ and voila! You have just made your first purchase (first of many, we hope).


Go Guarded products range from $7.99 to $24.99 and can be purchased from the Go Guarded website. We sincerely hope that our products can help you and all the women around you feel safer, secure, and more confident on a day-to-day basis.