"Kathleen Gage Giving Value"by Kathleen Gage (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

Born in the early fifties, questioning the teachings of traditional religion, I found myself drawn to the teachings of Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, Ernest Holmes, Timothy Leary, Viktor E. Frankl, and other such luminaries who led generations to expanded consciousness.

I desperately wanted the answer to my never-ending question, “What is my purpose?” wrapped into a nice, neat package. Yet, life is not a nice, neat little package. There are ups and downs as well as messy times. It is in the realization that there is not one simple answer that all became so clear.

With decades of living under my belt I have enough evidence that when things come to a seeming standstill outwardly, it often means there is internal work to do.

It is when we take time to get “quiet” and notice the gentle, and often not so gentle, nudges that we can shift our focus and direction to that which we are meant to do.

Since starting my business in 1994, it has been necessary to re-create myself and my offerings many times over. Between economic downturns, 9/11 and personal changes, what began as a corporate training business evolved into one of information product creation, Internet marketing, book marketing and now into coaching and consulting experts on how they can serve their market at the deepest level.

In the early stages of business development and growth, my level of understanding that change is a part of any successful business was minimal compared to my present understanding.

However, with each change came the ability to trust the process and put my faith in Source that all would work out in ways that I could more fully serve my market and fulfill my purpose.

One of the most profound changes was in 2009 shortly after my 55th birthday. Out of the blue my father was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. Within four weeks he passed away.

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