Give Back Mail LogoImagine a free e-mail service that donates to a charity of choice and does not require users to change their current e-mail address or provider. GiveBackMail does just that! In today’s society most people access their e-mails multiple times a day; which means that millions of people can help others through a simple task that does not require any extra time.

GiveBackMail donates to a charity for every e-mail that its users send through its site. Registration is easy and does not cost users a single penny. GiveBackMail allows users to manage all of their existing accounts within one interface. The service works with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and other POP3/IMAP e-mail providers; so there is no longer a need of logging in to multiple accounts. GiveBackMail not only offers regular features that any e-mail provider does, but it also offers additional options such as previewing attachments before downloading, un-sending e-mails after it has already been sent, sharing large files of up to 100MB, integrating social network and music feeds, and much more. The GiveBackMail team is working to add new and innovative features such as a chat and Smartphone App within the next few months.

Check out GiveBackMail TODAY! It is free, easy, secure, convenient, and helps support favorite causes and non-profits. Help GiveBackMail donate millions! Please visit to learn more and register!