"Give the Gift of Love This Holiday Season to Yourself and To Others"A very large number of us grew up orientated toward what we should do for the holidays rather then what we would enjoy doing.

I have learned to focus on what I really enjoy doing and spending time with who I enjoy  being with and talking about what really matters.

After years of doing things to please other people- I finally began to say,”No” to things I had no time or interest for.

Our appreciation of the true values of living gets lost in all the rush to get all the holiday visits, shopping and chores of the day done. We promise ourselves that we will do some soul searching and relax after the holidays when we have more time. Then we keep busy with constant daily distractions of holiday shopping , company, so that we can excuse ourselves for putting off any opportunity for learning to center ourselves .Valuable insights are buried in the give and take of daily life, if only we could slow ourselves down, we could find them.

What if we were to simplify everything as much as we could and then used that time to be more creative to do all the things we said we would do if only we had more time?

This holiday season share your time and love with people who matter most to you.

Remember its the simple things in life like spending quality time with those you love that really matters!

Jane Pastore Coleman
Author, Guided Imagery Specialist and Author of  “Life is All About Range