If their pictures are to be believed, Santa and Mrs. Claus need to drop a few pounds to bring down their cholesterol and reduce their risk of diabetes. Carole Carson—dubbed “An Apostle for Fitness” by the Wall Street Journal and author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction—says, “If you are as concerned about the health of Santa and Mrs. Claus as I am, don’t leave milk and cookies for Santa this year. Instead, leave him a fitness gift that he and Mrs. Claus can use to shed surplus pounds in 2011.” Here are some ideas that will fit any budget.


• Coupon for ten back, neck, head, hand, or foot massages

• Gift certificate good for a specified number of hours of being the recipient’s walking partner

Under $15:

• Resistance band

• Dumbbells

• Jump rope

• Exercise mat

• Sweatbands

• Water bottle

• The Ultimate Calorie Counter by Sheila Buff

• DietMinder food and fitness journal

• Stretch shoelaces

• Shoe insoles

• Health-oriented cookbook or subscription to a health-oriented magazine


• Fitness ball

• Online personal training program

• Exercise videos

• Heart-rate monitor

• Pedometer

• Gym bag

• Sport towel

• Fitness watch

• Chin-up bar

• Fitness gloves

• Body-fat tester

• Bathroom scale

• Hand weights

• Fresh-fruit basket


• Fitbit health and wellness data tracker

• Full dumbbell and barbell set

• Yoga kit

• Gift certificate for a massage

• Sports clothes

• Netflix one-year membership (for workout DVDs)

• Pilates or yoga class

• Ministepper with resistance bands

• Resistance chair

Over $100

• Wii Fit video game

• Bicycle

• Fitness gym membership

• Treadmill

• Inversion table

• Elliptical trainer

• Free-weight bench

• Recumbent bench

• Minitrampoline rebounder

• Bodybugg calorie management system

What better way for Santa and Mrs. Claus to start the New Year than to commit to reach their fitness goals, whether they involve weight loss, increased stamina, reduced risk of illness or more healthful eating? Why not make a similar commitment so that you can join the Clauses in looking a little trimmer this time next year?

For more information on how to stay fit during the holidays, for a copy of From Fat to Fit, or to interview the author, please contact Mary Ellen Gross, 858-456-0707, sizzle@san.rr.com, or visit www.fromfat2fit.com.