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Gift Ideas – for the Little Ones

Here are two great products we had the opportunity to see first-hand just in time for the holidays!

For many parents, the thought of traveling with their little one over the holiday season is enough to make them turn and run in the opposite direction of any family gathering. If you think you can’t possibly handle another road trip or plane ride back to your hometown, think again! SnoozeShade and BubbleBum offer the perfect family-friendly solutions to help ease the travel stresses that often accompany taking our most precious gift to spend time with relatives. Each award-winning item is PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) and ideal for a variety of travel situations, including long car rides, flights, or extended family shopping days this season!

SnoozeShade The blackout blind that lets baby get in nap time on-the-go SnoozeShade is the leading blackout blind "Great gift idea snooze shade for kids"that universally fits any stroller or car seat allowing baby to sleep and rest on-the-go. Forget about the haphazard drapery-job over baby’s stroller! SnoozeShade easily attaches with Velcro straps making it portable for all your wheels. It also shields baby from 94% of light, weather elements, insects and sunburn preventing UPF50+ throughout. $34.99. You can learn more about SnoozeShade below:





"Great gift idea bubblebum booster seat for kids"BubbleBum – The first inflatable booster seat perfect for carpooling families

BubbleBum is perfect for parents and tots or kids always on-the-go. The first inflatable lightweight car booster seat, BubbleBum is a fun way for kids to ride comfortably. BubbleBum comes with seat belt positioning clips in place of arm rests and fits in small spaces, making it possible to fit three kids across the back seat. It easily deflates after use allowing it to be stored in a backpack, flight bag, trunk or even a large purse. Perfect for family car trips, fly ins with car rentals and every day use with car pools. This revolutionary booster seat is available for only $39.99! Check Bubblebum out below:





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