Celebrity Fitness Trainer Explains Why the Holiday Season Can Help your Fitness

"Celebrity Fitness Trainer Explains Why the Holiday Season Can Help your Fitness"

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The tree isn’t the only thing that needs trimming this holiday season. While food and family go hand-in-hand during this time of the year, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Expert Joey Thurman explains that contrary to popular belief, the holidays are a prime time to recharge the batteries and place a renewed focus on personal fitness.

“When the relationships with those who are closest in your life are nurtured, it will put you in a great place emotionally and mentally,” notes Thurman, a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. “We are our sadness, happiness, and everything in between. What better way to put a fresh foot forward with friends, family, and your fitness than during the holidays?”

Thurman, who helped Celebrity Chef Art Smith shed over 100 lbs on his fitness journey through The Lifestyle Renovation program, explains that in order to reach your fitness goals, first you must start by working from the inside and being honest with yourself. “Honest reflection is a powerful tool. Assess your current lifestyle and its vices, whether it is the daily soda drinks, indulging in too many libations or even surrounding yourself with toxic people,” says Thurman. “Only then can you make the necessary lifestyle changes to start living your best life.”

Santa isn’t the only one who should be making a naughty and nice list this year. To get started, Thurman suggests a clearing exercise in which all internalized negative thoughts are written down- everything from feeling self-conscious of your love handles to doubts about the future. Then, make a second list that reflects positive aspirations, dreams and goals you would like to make a reality. “Shred, rip or burn the negative list and release those thoughts and feelings now that they have been acknowledged,” says Thurman. “Recognizing that you have the power to put the negative thoughts and the bad habits behind you and focus on your goals is an empowering way to start the holiday season.” 

Joey Thurman is a fitness, lifestyle and nutrition expert, FITchef, celebrity trainer, cover model, television personality, published fitness author, owner of Morph Personal Training, and creator of The Lifestyle Renovation. Joey has appeared on CBS, FOX, WCIU and ABC and has been published in BodyBuilding.com Racked, TimeOut Chicago, RedEye, and American Global Traveler. As a fitness expert for nine years, Joey has helped numerous celebrity clients including Celebrity Chef Art Smith, Professional Female Wrestler Lisa Marie Varon, and many others, make internal changes for continued success in life and achievement of their aesthetic goals. For more information, please visit www.thelifestylerenovation.com .